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Yareal has chosen a contractor for its flagship office investment – the LIXA project

The construction of Yareal’s newest office investment, the LIXA project, has begun.

The company PORR S.A. was chosen as the general contractor for the investment. The first stage of construction will erect an exemplary office building with an area of 22,000 sq. m., where BNP Paribas bank will locate its main headquarters, as well as a smaller, more intimate 6,000 sq. m. office building. Yareal’s flagship investment will offer tenants modern, class A office space and an indoor green garden unique among office buildings at Daszyński roundabout.


LIXA construction has begun

Construction of the LIXA complex, which will be part of a new business hub that is being developed at Warsaw’s Daszyński roundabout, was preceded by the demolition of the former Kredyt Bank office building. So far, a diaphragm wall has been put up and a foundation slab is being constructed beneath the first two buildings of the complex, at the intersection of Kasprzaka and Karolkowa streets. BNP Paribas bank will locate its main headquarters at the larger of these two buildings.


LIXA is the most prestigious office investment in Yareal’s history. That’s why we’re cooperating with PORR S.A., one of the most highly experienced general contractors in the construction industry. We place a huge emphasis on our partner’s experience because our LIXA complex offers excellent quality office spaces for the most demanding of tenants. The combination of original architectural design and solid workmanship will provide future tenants with the possibility of individual, non-standard space arrangements and access to a green garden, which isn’t available in high-rise buildings in the area” – says Eric Dapoigny, President of Yareal Polska.


We’re building the LIXA complex with the conviction that, thanks to this investment, we’ll have the opportunity to construct large and architecturally unique structures near Daszyński roundabout. PORR has built such buildings as the University of Warsaw Library, the Warsaw Stock Exchange headquarters, and the Sea Towers in Gdynia. We want the LIXA complex to not only be an excellent representation of Yareal, but of our company as well” – says Dariusz Wietrzyński, responsible for residential, office and industrial construction at PORR S.A..


65 thousand sq. m. across three stages

The LIXA complex will be completed in stages: two buildings with a total of 28,000 sq. m. of class A office space will be built along Karolkowa street during the first stage. The LIXA complex will offer a total of 65,000 sq. m. of office space. Offices at the LIXA complex will provide comfortable working conditions for the largest international corporations. Employees working at offices in LIXA will have convenient access to their workplace thanks to a nearby metro station, trams and buses. The complex itself will be multifunctional, offering access to restaurants, cafes, and other services essential to any business hub. The LIXA complex will be built around a university campus-style courtyard and garden – an element that will appeal to younger employees. In addition to lush greenery, the central part of the garden will include a pavilion connected to a lobby, which will offer conference and restaurant space for organizing various meetings and events.

The LIXA complex will be certified by the international BREEAM system, which assesses the implementation of solutions related to sustainable construction. Yareal’s flagship office investment will receive an “Excellent” rating.


PLAY chooses a Yareal office building for its new headquarters

PLAY’s new headquarters will occupy 11,000 sq. m. of office space at the NEOPARK complex.


The telecommunications operator will occupy most of building B of the NEOPARK office complex located in Mokotów’s business district. A lease agreement has been signed for 5 years.


NEOPARK consists of two office buildings that are mirror images of one another. PLAY’s headquarters will occupy all of the available space at building B, which was completed just a few months ago.


Moving headquarters is an important moment in PLAY’s history. Our new office meets our employees’ most vital needs offering great location, good transport and a modern environment. Our new headquarters reflect the character of our company and I’m convinced that this will prove to be a perfect place for further creative work for us all” – said PLAY CEO Jean Marc Harrion.


The estate’s low-key buildings are significantly different from other offices that can be found around the Służewiec district thanks to their glass façades and large, sunny terraces which cascade down towards the complex’s green courtyard. NEOPARK offers an attractive metropolitan environment, and the diverse residential, office and service functions of this part of Mokotów make this a neighborly place for both work and leisure.


The fact that such a big company as PLAY selected the NEOPARK complex for its new headquarters is proof that Yareal has adopted the right strategy. The Służewiec district has always been and will remain Warsaw’s true business district. The reason behind NEOPARK’s commercial success was that we tailored the location and the buildings’ characteristics to the needs of its tenants. We’ve designed a complex that’s composed of two low-rise, four-story buildings adorned with elegant façades and an open courtyard filled with lush greenery. All of NEOPARK’s future tenants are well-established companies and we are delighted to welcome PLAY as our new key tenant” – said Eric Dapoigny, President of Yareal Polska.


The JLL real estate company was involved as Landlord Representative during this transaction.


I’m very glad that we could provide counsel with such an important process as moving PLAY’s headquarters to the NEOPARK complex. This transaction is evidence of global companies’ continued interest in the Służewiec district as a long-term business location. Numerous transportation upgrades, including the work on Marynarska Street, make this office hub an attractive option for prospective tenants” – said Karol Patynowski, Director of Office Real Estate at JLL.


The buildings that make up the NEOPARK office complex were completed in 2017 and 2018. They offer a total area of 24,000 sq. m. of contemporary class A office space. NEOPARK has been equipped with numerous environmentally friendly solutions, as confirmed by its “Excellent” BREEAM green building certification.


A law firm in the Nowogrodzka Square office building

The Ożóg Tomczykowski Law Firm will move its offices to the prestigious Nowogrodzka Square office building


The company will be renting over 830 square meters of class A office space on the top floor of Yareal’s newest office building.


The Ożóg Tomczykowski Law Firm will take up the remaining available space at the Nowogrodzka Square office building this September. In addition to the top-class office space, company and its team will have access to a rooftop terrace offering a stunning view of Warsaw’s skyline.


Nowogrodzka Square met our and our clients' expectations in terms of location, architecture, green solutions and office space. The decision to move into a new office stemmed from the need to find ourselves in a more prestigious environment that would reflect the high quality of the services we offer. We also wanted our new location to meet our employees’ expectations. That is why we found such aspects as common areas, a relaxation zone and greenery and a garden quite important. We found all these things at our new headquarters” – said Paweł Tomczykowski, President of the Management Board of Ożóg Tomczykowski.


Ożóg Tomczykowski is one of Warsaw’s leading law firms, specializing in tax and financial  consultancy. The firm takes top spots in both domestic and foreign legal industry rankings year after year


Other tenants of Yareal’s newest office building will surely appreciate the proximity of a well-respected law firm. I’m convinced that moving the company’s headquarters to a modern, upscale office building will be conducive to the continued growth of the law firm’s team and client base. We made every effort at the design and construction stage so that our tenants can now enjoy perfect working conditions and attractive surroundings – especially the beautiful terraces and the urban walkway, which doesn’t just connect Aleje Jerozolimskie with Nowogrodzka Street, but also offers the chance to get some rest and relaxation among greenery” – said Eric Dapoigny, President of Yareal Polska.


Nowogrodzka Square, Yareal’s flagship investment, was recently awarded by the Polish Green Building Council for best completed certified green building. Moreover, it was designed and constructed in accordance with sustainable building requirements, which is confirmed by the Excellent rating on its BREEAM certification.


Nowogrodzka Square is modern office building located amidst Aleje Jerozolimskie’s majestic tenement houses dating back to 1930s. One of its many advantages is its close proximity to numerous commercial and service points, as well as many public transport connections. An innovative project, Nowogrodzka Square embodies high construction quality and modern ecological solutions that are compliant with the highest environmental protection standards. Its impressive façade of precious onyx and raw concrete distinguish the investment from its  surroundings. Nowogrodzka Square’s architectural plan was drafted by the Hermanowicz Rewski Architekci studio.


For more information on Nowogrodzka Square, please visit:


Yareal will build apartments surrounded by lush greenery in Warsaw’s Dolny Mokotów district

Yareal will soon begin construction of three private apartment buildings located in Warsaw’s Mokotów district.


Pre-sales of the first 27 apartments in two-story, low-rise buildings situated near a 6-acre park have just been launched. Yareal’s latest investment, which will provide a total of 93 apartments, is part of a larger urban development plan for the vast green area below the Warsaw Escarpment, which extends all the way up to the intersection of Sikorskiego and Wilanowska Streets.


Dolina Mokotów Residence will be located in the Warsaw Protected Landscape Area. According to the district’s urban development plan, all residential investments below the Warsaw Escarpment are to form a garden district where at least 60% of the area must be “biologically active”, which will provide residents with access to large, freely accessible green areas. From the west, Yareal’s low-rise private apartment buildings will overlook a big public park. Apart from various trees, shrubs and bodies of water, the 6-acre green enclave right next to Dolina Mokotów Residence will also feature active rest infrastructure.  


Dolina Mokotów Residence’s functional, south-facing two-story apartment buildings will overlook several interconnected green courtyards that will end in a large garden square bordering a park. The majority of apartments will be large, featuring 30% more window space than traditional flats, as well as spacious balconies and loggias surrounding the building. Apart from large green areas and quiet surroundings, Dolina Mokotów will offer its residents plenty of privacy with only 3-4 apartments per stairwell” – explains Jacek Zengteler, Board Member and head of Housing Investments at Yareal Polska.


The complex will mainly feature four-room apartments spanning between 90 and 117 square meters, as well as smaller two and three-room flats (41-71 square meters). The developer’s offer ranges from single-person studios (ca. 32 square meters) to five-room condos spanning up to 140 square meters.


Another noteworthy solution developed by Yareal is apartments specially designed for modern, multigenerational families. These apartments allow for the arrangement of a second, independent entrance that leads to a private section with a fully independent bathroom and kitchenette – ideally suited for, for example, one’s grandmother. This unique approach ensures that a senior citizen has the comfort and privacy of running an independent household, all while living in the immediate vicinity of their relatives. This is also a great solution for families who use the services of a nanny or housekeeper in the long term.


Residents will be able to install air conditioning in all apartments, as all the necessary installations as well as discreet rooftop spots designed to fit AC units have been taken into consideration during Dolina Mokotów Residence’s design stage.


The residence’s underground garage will include 127 parking spots adapted for installing private electric vehicle charging stations as per residents’ requests, each individually fitted with an independent energy meter. The investment will be BREEAM certified confirming its green status. The project aims to receive the highest “Very Good” rating, which until now has been awarded to only to a handful of housing investments in Poland. All apartment owners will receive smart home automation packages. Intelligent solutions provided by Poland’s leading smart home company, Fibaro, will let residents manage their homes and household appliances via smartphone or tablet.


Construction of Dolina Mokotów Residence is scheduled to begin this fall. For more information about this investment, please visit:


The Vice Versa Residence will be powered with solar energy

The Vice Versa Residence, which is currently in construction in Warsaw’s Wola district, will be powered with solar energy.


Photovoltaic panels installed on the rooftops of two buildings will help residents save up to 50% percent on the costs of lightning up the buildings’ common areas. The Vice Versa Residence, which was awarded a BREEAM Interim certificate while still under construction, is Yareal’s fifth housing estate to be granted this distinction.


A 20 kWp photovoltaic system will produce 19 000 kWh of electric energy per year. Green energy will  provide part of the power required to light the Vice Versa complex’s common areas. Solar power generated by the panels will be sold back to the grid and used to light up Vice Versa’s underground garage, the staircases and the central green area. The Vice Versa Residence, located by the Daszyński Roundabout, is one of the few housing estates in Poland equipped with its own renewable energy source.  


Even though the complex is already BREEAM-certified, employing photovoltaic panels and thus reducing CO2 emission will make it even more sustainable. An independent energy source – apart from improving the estate’s environmental footprint and increasing energy independence – will also reduce the maintenance fee paid by the residents. The costs of energy supplied to common areas will drop by up to 50%* per year.


The photovoltaic system is just one of the many innovative and energy-efficient solutions implemented at Vice Versa. Some of its underground garage parking spaces were adapted for installing private electric vehicle charging stations as per residents’ requests already at the design stage. Each such station shall be fitted with an independent energy meter. The estate will also feature energy-efficient LED lighting and high-performance elevators” — says Jacek Zengteler, Board Member and Head of Residential at Yareal.


The Vice Versa Residence is a private building complex composed of two multi-dwelling buildings offering 181 luxury apartments spanning between 28 and over 150 square meters. The estate is located by the intersection of Przyokopowa and Szarych Szeregów Streets and is planned around a central green area which will be divided into relaxation and leisure zones intended for both children and adults. A distinguishing feature of the estate’s design is an elegant half-open entrance area separating the private patios from public space. Each apartment will come with a loggia while top floor penthouses will feature spacious terraces spanning up to 150 square meters. These are sure to provide a spectacular view of Warsaw’s skyline. 75% of Vice Versa Residence apartments have already been sold. Construction is scheduled to be completed in autumn 2020.


For more information on the Vice Versa Residence and the green solutions implemented by Yareal, please visit:

* The calculations on energy savings are approximate. Poland receives on average ca. 1,600 hours of sunshine per year. The photovoltaic panels’ output depends on insolation as well as individual energy consumption patterns and varies significantly from month to month.


Yareal signed the sale agreement for two office buildings in LIXA office complex

Yareal signed the sale agreement for two office buildings of the flagship investment project LIXA located in Warsaw.


The forward sale transaction made with Commerz Real fund, acting on behalf of a South Korean investor, concerns the total of 28 700 sq.m. office area and 400 parking places in the underground car park. It has already been commercialized in 78 % with the biggest tenant Bank BNP Paribas whose headquarters will take up the total of the biggest building in LIXA complex.


The construction of LIXA started early this year. A corner, 13-floor building with an area of 22 000 sq.m. and a smaller office offering 6 000 sq.m of A-class modern space will be constructed at the corner of Kasprzaka and Karolkowa streets. Having closed the transaction, the two buildings will become the property of a South Korean fund - Hana Investment Co. Ltd. - represented by Commerz Real. The parties to the agreement do not disclose the value of the transaction.


Sale of the nearly fully leased large office project at the stage of the ongoing construction works marks a big success of our flagship investment. We are certain that the unique concept of LIXA, a scheme of buildings resembling a university campus laid out around a garden-like courtyard, receives a lot of attention from both tenants and future investors. Ultimately LIXA will offer a total of 65 000 sq. m. office space designed to meet the needs of the biggest, international firms. The architecture of this office scheme – combining contemporary trends with tradition referring to the pre-war modernism – will benefit the surroundings of the new business center being developed” says Eric Dapoigny, President of Yareal Polska.


LIXA is being developed close to the second metro line station – Rondo Daszyńskiego, which will allow employees of the offices to use a network of convenient public transport. With its campus character, functionality and flexibility of space arrangement LIXA provides an attractive alternative for the tower buildings developed in the Warsaw office market. LIXA is getting attention mostly from the big companies searching for the kind of headquarters which can be adapted to their needs (built to suit), with an option to lease or sell.



LIXA project will be certified under the international system BREEAM confirming the use of a number of solutions in line with the concept of sustainable construction. The flagship office project of Yareal will be certified with grade Excellent.


In the negotiations with the fund Yareal was advised by an legal office GIDE LOYRETTE NOUEL, and the companies MDDP and CBRE.


Yareal has launched the pre-sale of apartments built during the first stage of the SOHO by YAREAL project

In mid-March, Yareal launched pre-sales for the very first apartments built as part of its SOHO by Yareal residential project.


SOHO 18 will consist of 131 flats of different sizes, ranging from 30 sq. m. studio apartments to 4-bedroom units spanning over 100 sq. m. SOHO by Yareal will be situated on brownfield land in the Kamionek neighborhood in Warsaw’s Praga Południe district, at the corner of Żupnicza and Chodakowska Streets. This project is a vital element of a wider regeneration scheme for this part of the city.


Built as a stepped structure, the nine-story SOHO 18 residential building is the first to be developed as part of the SOHO by Yareal project. Built in a type-C layout, SOHO 18 will offer 131 flats, with living areas ranging from 29 to 109 sq. m. as well as space for commercial units in the building’s arcades. A lobby with a reception area will be situated on building’s ground floor, and the site itself will also include a two-story car park.


This modernist investment, which combines post-industrial elements with modern design, will seamlessly blend in with the surrounding historic buildings located throughout the Kamionek neighborhood. As per SOHO 18’s architectural plan, which was drafted by the prestigious Hermanowicz Rewski Architekci studio, the building will be constructed using such materials as concrete and Corten steel – inspiration drawn directly from the industrial character of the project’s surroundings.


SOHO 18 is yet another project developed by Yareal on the east bank of the Vistula river. Flats in Kamionek are in great demand, with as many as 15% pre-orders being placed within just two weeks of pre-sales being announced. The SOHO by Yareal project’s first residential building is to be completed by the end of 2021.


An attractive neighborhood


Located in Warsaw’s diverse and lively Praga district, SOHO 18 will become an ideal place for people looking for just the right balance between living a metropolitan lifestyle and being close to nature. All thanks to the nearby greenery, including Warsaw’s second-largest park, Skaryszewski Park, as well as the district’s numerous local workshops, art galleries and restaurants. In addition to being situated in an attractive neighborhood, another strong point of the SOHO by Yareal investment will be its location – a mere 5 km from Warsaw’s city center. Yareal’s latest project will be situated by several bus and tram stops, providing convenient and quick access to central Warsaw. Moreover, it will also be located in the vicinity of the Warszawa Wschodnia railway station as well as M2 Metro stations.


SOHO by Yareal is definitely a unique project, complementing and regenerating historic landmarks with modern and functional architecture. By creating SOHO by Yareal, we wanted to keep the idea and spirit of Soho Factory alive. By weaving a new, attractive element into the district’s urban fabric, we want to enrich this part of the neighborhood by offering real benefits to both the current and future residents of Kamionek” – says Eric Dapoigny, CEO Yareal Polska.


Metropolitan lifestyle


SOHO by Yareal, a unique architectural concept spanning over 5 hectares, will blend into the existing buildings at Mińska Street, the modern residential houses which have been built there over the last few years, as well as the district’s historic brownfield land. The core inspiration for this project’s architects as well as its developer was to create something more than just another housing estate. By introducing a wide variety of retail outlets and services, enriched by recreational and cultural facilities, SOHO will become a place run by its own dynamics, and will have a meaningful impact on the evolving character of this part of the district. Further stages of the SOHO project will be developed successively as the design and administrative works progress. Visiting the sales office located in one of the old factory buildings at Mińska 25 Street, you can already feel the spirit of SOHO by Yareal.


All apartments, both in SOHO 18 and in the entire SOHO by Yareal complex, will be equipped with the very latest smart home solutions. The design process involved one of the world’s most advanced wireless smart home systems provided by the industry-leading company FIBARO. Among a variety of functions, SOHO 18 residents will be able to remotely manage their heating, as well as have full control over the power supply to their household appliances.


SOHO 18 was designed by Yareal in line with the company’s philosophy of sustainable building and maintaining a respectful approach to the environment and the use of natural resources. The project is subject to advanced certification against the BREEAM scheme, confirming its compliance with the highest standards of quality and the adoption of green construction solutions. The SOHO 18 building site will be supplied with power from renewable energy sources.


SOHO by Yareal will be the first residential project in Poland to undergo the BREEAM Communities certification process. This is an international certification system used to improve, measure and evaluate the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable building. The system integrates sustainable design with urban planning. In the BREEAM Communities system, the environmental impact assessment methodology is expanded to represent a more holistic approach to sustainable design, taking into account the project’s social and economic impact on its neighborhood. Findings of conducted studies and analyses are then implemented into the project’s functional specifications.