ESG - Sustainable development

ESG is one of the key terms for real estate developer projects which directly impacts the management and corporate responsibility of the business.


Sustainable development has been one of the foundations of Yareal's growth from the very beginning. We are aware of the great responsibility arising from new projects and functions which define the conditions and comfort of living in the city for decades to come.


Therefore, we always strive to stay ahead of the trends in order to integrate our projects with the surroundings and to have a positive impact on the shape and development of the urban landscape, as well as on the local community.


ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is a management framework that includes the environmental, social and corporate governance aspects of conducting business.

Investment projects complaint with the ESG standards must have meet the following criteria:

  • Environmental

    related to environment protection and sustainable development, as well as counteracting climate change, protecting biodiversity and rational water and waste management.

  • Social

    concerning the business's relations with other people – employees, clients, business partners or the local community.

  • Corporate

    observing high management and control standards in order to ensure business transparency and corporate responsibility. Corporate governance addresses, among others, the relations with investors and employees, the appropriate compliance culture and risk management issues.

Real estate development projects not only satisfy the housing needs of the population and play an important role in the national economy, but also leave a significant footprint on the urban and natural environment. For this reason, in our development projects we are focused on systematically reducing the impact on climate, rational resource consumption and actively creating pro-environmental solutions. We have been long following the principle of developing all of our new investment projects from scratch in accordance with the strict requirements of BREEAM.

The attached ESG Review is the first step towards disclosing sustainable development information by Yareal Polska. The data provided in this document refer to 2022 or previous years. Yareal intends to consequently expand the scope of ESG data collected in order to present a more comprehensive picture of our business in the future.


If you have any questions related to the ESG review, please contact us at: olga.prokopiak@yareal.com.


Date of preparation: August 2023

Main areas of ESG activities


Creating new quality of life in the urban space, not only for our Clients, but for all city residents.


Our priority is going green and keeping the environment clean. Our main goal is the well-being of people. This is why we are developing buildings which have positive impact on the quality of life of all city residents.


Yareal Polska takes part in multiple community activities, including various charity drives. We support, among others, the House for Single Mothers and Children in Warsaw, the Warsaw Uprising veterans, refugees from Ukraine or people in need of a place to live as part of the “Empty Spaces” programme.


For many years Yareal has been harmoniously developing new projects to create better urban space quality for all residents. Examples include:

  • SOHO by Yareal

    The entire SOHO by Yareal project has been designed in accordance with the sustainable development principle. The project combines sophisticated architectural solutions of the buildings with publicly available community space with numerous shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as modern and creative office space. The SOHO project has created a unique, artistic atmosphere by successfully merging modern architecture with pre-World War II industrial character of the area. On the premises, you can find one of Warsaw's most interesting museums – the Museum of Neon Signs.

  • Pozytywny Mokotów

    Pozytywny Mokotów is one of the most environmentally friendly residential developments in Warsaw. All buildings have BREEAM certificate. The area has three private PV power stations capable of generating over 69,000 kWh of electricity annually.


    Within the residential area, we have designed a 200 m-long green avenue, separated from the traffic, with children's playgrounds, recreational areas for adults, sunbeds and picnic facilities. We have also provided community gardens – publicly available green areas where the residents can plant their own vegetables and flowers.

  • Plac Kaszubski Residence

    Plac Kaszubski Residence, located at the intersection of Plac Kaszubski square with Jana z Kolna St. in Gdynia, is an example of modern architecture which pays respect to the heritage and historical context of the city. The building shapes and revitalises the new urban space by reflecting the Modernist architecture and urban arrangement of Gdynia. Located adjacent to the neighbouring office building, Plac Kaszubski Residence will be the missing piece in the frontage of the street.


    Taking into account the historic space of Plac Kaszubski square, we have applied two main principles to the project: contextuality (by reflecting the historic forms and arrangements) and cohesion (to ensure that all elements introduced into the urban space harmoniously complement each other).

  • Nowogrodzka Square

    Nowogrodzka Square is a class A office building with publicly available commercial premises. Its shape reflects the prestigious buildings in the area, conforming to the two main principles of respecting the architectural heritage: contextuality and cohesion.


    The building is harmoniously composed into the historic neighbourhood. Its divisions and façade are a homage to the Military Institute of Geography built in 1934. The side façade in Jerozolimskie Av. on the other hand gently phases into the architecture of the adjacent building of the Association of the Local Government Employees of the Republic of Poland erected in 1936.


    In front of the building, we have designed a public square with street furniture and commercial premises at the ground floor, such as press outlet, cafe and restaurant. Nowogrodzka Square has been awarded the BREEAM Excellent certificate. The building is supplied exclusively by renewable power sources. Water consumption and waste water generation have been reduced to minimum.

  • LIXA

    LIXA office complex in the Wola district of Warsaw combines cozy architecture with plenty of greenery. Each of the four independent buildings, ranging from 3 to 12 storeys high, has BREEAM certificate confirming the efficiency of the applied solutions which conform to the sustainable development principles. The space between the office buildings is arranged into publicly available courtyards.


    Aside from the offices, the ground floors of the buildings will be occupied by restaurants, shops and service points which will be open after the office business hours in order to make them available to the residents of the nearby housing developments.


    The new retail concept will create urban tissue connected to Karolkowa St. and the housing areas in the neighbourhood, and will provide a unique public space which will remain busy both during the day and after hours.

Yareal's world

The entire investment, including the buildings, the usable space around them and the surroundings, has been designed to provide the residents with maximum comfort of use.

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The winner of the competition for a sculpture to be erected at the LIXA office complex is Maciej Rembieliński, designer of the piece Harmony of Contrasts.

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Yareal Polska is a long-established, quality-leading real estate development company specialising in the high-end residential and apartment segment. The company has a strong capital position

and strong shareholder support. Since 2005, we have been actively involved in the Polish Association of Developer Companies PZFD. As a member of the PZFD, we adhere to a code of good practice. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards.

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ESG is one of the key terms for real estate developer projects which directly impacts the management and corporate responsibility of the business.

Sustainable development has been one of the foundations of Yareal's growth from the very beginning. We are aware of the great responsibility arising from new projects and functions which define the conditions and comfort of living in the city for decades to come.

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Completed projects

Praga Południe

SOHO by Yareal

25 Mińska St.

Project completed in 2021

Pozytywny Mokotów

25 Postępu St.

Project completed in 2023

Eden Włodarzewska

74 Włodarzewska St.

Project completed in 2019

LIXA A, 2 Kasprzaka St.

LIXA B, 1 Giełdowa St.

Project completed in 2021
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