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People and their environment are at the heart of our operations. We make buildings that have a positive impact on the quality of life and work. We create spaces that shape relations between people and nature. Our developments perfectly fit in with all the unique and valuable qualities of the given area and are in perfect harmony with the sustainable growth of the city.


The BREEAM certificates awarded to YAREAL developments confirm the consistency of our endeavours, our relentless search for optimum solutions and the high quality of our projects. The certificates prove our responsible, growth-oriented approach that respects natural resources.

The BREEAM certificate is awarded by an independent body. It is a worldwide recognized rating system for assessing the quality of buildings as well as their impact on residents and the natural environment. The system defines the standard of best practices for sustainable development including such aspects as environmental protection, ecology, safety and comfort of users, fitness for purpose and economy. The assessment methodology for BREEAM involves an in-depth analysis of all of the characteristics of each project. A BREEAM certified building or a complex of buildings means they were designed and developed in accordance with the best standards and that they offer a guaranteed high quality of workmanship and comfort of use.


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