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The BREEAM certificate awarded to YAREAL projects is a confirmation of the consistency of our actions, our persistence in looking for optimum solutions, and the high quality of our projects. It also confirms our responsible attitude focused on development based on respect for natural resources.


BREEAM is a globally recognized independent system of evaluating the quality of a building and its impact on the residents and the natural environment.

The system defines the best practices for sustainable development, covering aspects such as environmental protection and ecology, safety and comfort of users, usefulness, and economy. The BREEAM methodology is based on an in-depth analysis of all the properties of the project. If a building or a complex of buildings is awarded a BREEAM certificate, this is a guarantee that the design and construction processes were carried out in compliance with the best standards and that the quality of workmanship and the comfort of use are high.


We make sure that green areas in our projects meet the needs of future users, both in terms of providing the right amount of greenery and places for activity, creating high-quality public space. In response to future social changes, we design pedestrian-friendly spaces, including those with reduced mobility, making them accessible to everyone.


We use the experience of an energy efficiency expert who prepares a computer analysis aimed at reducing CO2 emissions related to the basic energy demand of buildings. Thanks to the recommendations from the report in the investment projects, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 15%.


The projects of our investments take into account the recommendations of the ecologist who prepares an ecological strategy for the selected area and the assessment of the investment's impact on the environment. The use of a strategy recommendation in the project allows to protect valuable natural elements, as well as strengthen the biodiversity of the area, creating a user-friendly space.


The street layout, walking and cycling routes around our investments are safe and allow us to promote sustainable ways of getting around. Our projects include appropriate safety measures for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Thanks to the location of the YAREAL investment in a compact city tissue, users can use various means of public transport.


Faster and easier loan process
with the bank

Our clients' requests are collected first

– a credit analyst who knows the specificity of the transaction of a given investment will be dedicated to analyze the applications - faster decision - faster transaction finalization.

Customer contact path shortened

– direct contact of the analyst with the client in order to clarify any doubts - quick obtaining of explanations - faster credit decision issued.

Dedicated Mortgage Advisor of BNP Paribas Polska Bank for customer service

– clients are served from start to finish by one Mortgage Advisor who knows the given investment.

Our housing projects
and apartments with BREEAM certificate

Our office projects with BREEAM certificate

Recently viewed

SOHO by Yareal

Praga Południe

25 Mińska St., Warsaw

2 rooms
43.20 m2
Neowo (etapy)


Batalionów Chłopskich St.

3 rooms
52.17 m2
SOHO by Yareal

Praga Południe

25 Mińska St., Warsaw

2 rooms
42.31 m2


ul. Postępu 4a, Warszawa

3 rooms
69.66 m2

Yareal's world

The entire investment, including the buildings, the usable space around them and the surroundings, has been designed to provide the residents with maximum comfort of use.

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The LIXA D building has welcomed a new tenant, the Fimedica clinic, with 360 m2 of space on the ground floor.

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Yareal Polska is a long-established, quality-leading real estate development company specialising in the high-end residential and apartment segment. The company has a strong capital position

and strong shareholder support. Since 2005, we have been actively involved in the Polish Association of Developer Companies PZFD. As a member of the PZFD, we adhere to a code of good practice. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards.

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ESG is one of the key terms for real estate developer projects which directly impacts the management and corporate responsibility of the business.

Sustainable development has been one of the foundations of Yareal's growth from the very beginning. We are aware of the great responsibility arising from new projects and functions which define the conditions and comfort of living in the city for decades to come.

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Completed projects

Praga Południe

SOHO by Yareal

25 Mińska St.

Project completed in 2021

Pozytywny Mokotów

25 Postępu St.

Project completed in 2023

Eden Włodarzewska

74 Włodarzewska St.

Project completed in 2019

LIXA A, 2 Kasprzaka St.

LIXA B, 1 Giełdowa St.

Project completed in 2021
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