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YAREAL Polska is a key player in the real estate development sector in Poland. The company belongs to YAM Invest Group and is managed by YAREAL Polska Holding with equity in excess of PLN 350 million. YAREAL Polska carried out a large number of real estate projects with a distinctive architectural style demonstrating its wide-ranging expertise in both the residential and the office markets. Quality, innovation, smooth customer relations and environmental commitment have become the company's DNA. Since November 2005, the company is a member of the Polish Association of Real Estate Developers.


Since 2005, 19 residential projects, 8 office projects with over 123,000 m2 of total office space have been completed. Renowned architects and landscapers, indisputable locations, innovations and environmental performance grant our customers access to high quality standards and offer the best value for money.


YAM Invest Group provides long-term equity to YAREAL, so it can implement a selective strategy to secure the best real estate opportunities in a timely manner. Whatever the expectations, the budget or the lifestyle, YAREAL aims at offering access to high quality standards and customized support to its clients.



YAREAL's projects have been widely awarded by real estate professionals which constitutes a valuable sign of recognition and a substantial portion of the robust track record built over the past nearly twenty years.


Significant awards:

– Rezydencja Plac Kaszubski apartment building – distinction in the competition for the Award of the Chairwoman of the City Council for the best Gdynia Investment of the Year 2023 "Czas Gdyni" in the "Architecture" category,
– Nowogrodzka Square office building – Grand Prix and award in the “Architectural Award of the President of the City of Warsaw 2019” competition (“Best commercial building” category),
– Nowogrodzka Square office building – PLGBC award in the “Green building awards 2018” competition (“Best Certified Green Building” category),
– Konstancińska Residence apartment building – an award in the Domiporta poll – “Apartment of the Year 2014/2015”,
– Hoża 55 apartment building – Construction & Investment Journal “Residential Luxury Development of the Year” award in 2013,
– Oxygen Park office building – Construction & Investment Journal “ESSA Green Award” in 2013,
– Mokotowska Square office building – Eurobuild award for “New Office of the Year 2011, Poland”, Construction & Investment Journal award for “Best refurbishment/expansion of the year 2011”, European Property Awards competition for “BREEAM Application In-Process”, CEE Quality Awards – main award for “Office Development of the Year”,
– Renaissance office building – Construction & Investment Journal award in the “Best Office Development in 2004” category.

Important events in the history of Yareal Polska


Well-thought-out design, solid workmanship, and numerous amenities raise the standard and comfort of living. At the same time - combined with ecological and energy-saving solutions - they also affect the higher

value of the property, as they provide owners with economic benefits. These are due to the increase in housing values over time, lower maintenance costs and slower ageing of buildings.



Price guaranteed by notarial deed. A development contract with Yareal Polska is the certainty of a fixed price from the moment the contract is signed, which means that the apartment price does not change, even if construction has just begun. This is the ideal investment protection against price increases and inflation.

19 years

on real estate market

19 completed
residential projects

Over 3 200 sold
flats and apartments


Since 2005 we have been
a member of PZFD

Strong capital position
and shareholder support

8 constructed
office buildings

Over 123,000 m2 office space

Architectural award
of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw
for the investor of the Nowogrodzka Square office building

Our company belongs to the Polish Association of Developers. It is the largest organization of the development industry in Poland, which has been representing development companies in the country and the European Union for 20 years, standing guard over high standards and safety of people buying apartments.

Awards and honors

The projects implemented by Yareal Polska have gained recognition in the industry environment, which is reflected in the numerous awards granted to us.

Office projects

Architectural award
of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw
for the investor of the Nowogrodzka Square office building
at 93 Jerozolimskie Av.

Architectural award of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw in "Best commercial building of 2018" category
for the Nowogrodzka Square office building at 93 Jerozolimskie Av.

Construction & Investment Journal
award in "ESSA Green Award” category awarded in 2013
for Oxygen Park office complex located in Warsaw

EuropaProperty award in
"BREEAM Application In-Process” category awarded
in 2011 for Mokotowska Square office building
located at 49 Mokotowska Street in Warsaw

Eurobuild Awards
award in “New office of the Year 2011” category for Mokotowska Square office building located at 49 Mokotowska Street in Warsaw

Construction & Investment Journal
award in “The Best Refurbishment
Expansion of the Year 2011”
for Mokotowska Square office building
located at 49 Mokotowska Street in Warsaw

CEE Quality Awards award
in “Office development of the year” category
awarded in 2011 for the Mokotowska Square office building at 49 Mokotowska Street in Warsaw

Construction & Investment Journal
award in "Best Office Development” category
awarded in 2004 for Renaissance office building
located at 19 Mokotowska Street in Warsaw

Apartments and flats

Distinction in the competition for the
Award of the Chairwoman of the City Council
for the best Gdynia Investment of the Year 2023 "Czas Gdyni" in the category "Architecture" for the apartment building Rezydencja Plac Kaszubski in Gdynia

Construction & Investment Journal
award in "Luxury Residential Development of the Year" category
("Luxury housing investment of the Year")
awarded in 2013 for Hoża 55 apartment building
located in Warsaw

Domiporta award in
"Apartment of the Year 2014/2015" category
for residential building
Konstancińska Residence located in Warsaw

Management Board

Jacek Zengteler

President of Management Board

Jacek Zengteler joined Yareal Polska in early 2016 as Head of Residential, and a year later he was appointed Board Member. In February 2023 he was appointed President of Management Board of Yareal Polska. He is also acting as Board Member of Yareal Polska Holding.



Jacek has been involved in the property development industry since 2002. He was developing his career with Dom Development S.A. where he worked, among others, as Deputy Director of Business Development, Director of Land Department responsible for land acquisition, and Director of Customer Service Department. He also served as the company’s Proxy.

Jacek Zengteler graduated in the field of economics and was awarded MBA diploma at the Warsaw School of Economics and Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. He has also completed numerous courses on management and real estate, including the ICAN Institute’s Strategic Leadership Academy and a Real Estate Economics and Finance programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Since 2019 he is a Member of the Board of the Warsaw branch of PZFD and since September 2021 to May 2023 he has also seated in the Management Board of PZFD at the national level.

Nicolas Benhaim

Vice President of Management Board

Nicolas Benhaim served in several executive roles in the private equity sector at EURAZEO, one of Europe’s leading private equity companies, and in several finance positions at VEOLIA prior to joining YAM Invest in 2008.



Nicolas Benhaim is Member of the Management Board of YAM Invest since 2021, Member of the Management Board and Chief Operation officer of YAREAL international since 2015 and Board Member of YAREAL Polska Holding. In February 2023, he was appointed Vice President of YAREAL Polska.

Nicolas Benhaim has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. He has covered in Europe a wide range of real estate investment products such as direct real estate, structured finance and operating companies.

Nicolas Benhaim graduated from Paris Dauphine University and Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (ESCP Business School).

Bruno Greslé

Member of Management Board, Technical Director

Bruno Greslé - an engineer with twenty years of professional experience gained in international companies. At Yareal Poland as a Technical Director since September 2021, since Fabruary 2023, as a Member of the Management Board.



He is responsible for the implementation of all Yareal projects, both residential and office, at every stage of the design and construction. In particular, he is in charge of optimizing investment processes from the preparation phase, through the bidding, to the handover of buildings for use.

He has many years of experience, which he gained in the design and implementation of investments in France, Russia, Romania, Algeria, as well as in Poland, where he has lived for many years. He worked for companies specializing in general contracting and the design and construction of commercial, residential, industrial buildings, as well as specialized facilities, including those for health care. He earned a master's degree in Engineering, specialization in Civil Engineering, from Durham University in England.

Jakub Stankiewicz

Member of Management Board, Head of Development

Jakub Stankiewicz has been with Yareal Poland since 2014. Since the beginning of this period, he has been working in the Investment Development Department, first as an Investment Development Manager, and then, since September 2016, as a Director. Since January 2021, he has been managing this department as the Head of Development. Since Fabruary 2023, as a Member of the Management Board.



He has been involved in the development industry since 2007. Prior to joining Yareal, he worked at the Spanish real estate development company Gala Polska in positions related to the company's development, and then in complex investment management as the Head of Investment.

He graduated from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences with a degree in Spatial Management, earned an MBA, and also completed a number of courses and postgraduate studies in real estate.


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YAREAL POLSKA sp. z o.o.
1 Giełdowa St.
01-211 Warsaw

1 Giełdowa St.
01-211 Warsaw
call +48 22 331 30 00
fax. 48 22 331 30 11
Yareal Polska Holding Sp. z o.o.
YAWA sp. z o.o.

Pozytywny Mokotów
(apartments, completed)

YAWA sp. z o.o. 1 sp. k.

Rezydencja Dolina Mokotów

YAWA sp. z o.o. 2 sp. k.

Rezydencja Iwicka

YAWA sp. z o.o. 3 sp. k.


YAWA sp. z o.o. 4 sp. k.

Sobótki 15
Wzgórze Zinglera
(apartments - Gdańsk)

YAWA sp. z o.o. 5 sp. k.

Rezydencja Plac Kaszubski
(apartments - Gdynia)

YAWA sp. z o.o. 6 sp. k.

(apartments - Gdańsk)

YAWA sp. z o.o. 7 sp. k.

Brylowska 2
(apartments, completed)

YAWA sp. z o.o. 13 sp. k.


YAWA 15 sp. z o.o.

Osiedle Kolorowy Gocław
(apartments, completed)


YAWA 18 sp. z o.o.

Nowogrodzka Square

YAWA 20 sp. z o.o.

Lixa AB

YAWA 21 sp. z o.o.

Rezydencja Łazienki Park

YAWA sp. z o.o.22 sp. k.

Sienna 65

Vice Versa
(apartments, completed)

YAWA sp. z o.o.25 sp. k.

Strefa Wilanów

Eden Włodarzewska
(apartments, houses,

YAWA sp. z o.o.27 sp. k.

Rezydencja Chrobrego
(apartments, completes)

YAWA sp. z o.o.28 sp. k.

YAWA sp. z o.o.29 sp. k.

YAWA sp. z o.o.30 sp. k.

Lixa C

YAWA 31 sp. z o.o.

Lixa E

YAWA 32 sp. z o.o.


YAWA 33 sp. z o.o.
YAWA sp. z o.o.35 sp. k.
YAWA sp. z o.o.36 sp. k.

Enso Wilanów

YAWA sp. z o.o.37 sp. k.
YAWA sp. z o.o.38 sp. k.

Neowo Bemowo

ACG 22 Sp. z o.o.
YAWA sp. z o.o.40 sp. k.
YAWA sp. z o.o.41 sp. k.
YAWA 42 sp. z o.o.

Wynalazek 1

YAWEL 3 sp. z o.o.
YAWA sp. z o.o. Serwis i Gwarancje sp. k.

Yareal's world

The entire investment, including the buildings, the usable space around them and the surroundings, has been designed to provide the residents with maximum comfort of use.

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The LIXA D building has welcomed a new tenant, the Fimedica clinic, with 360 m2 of space on the ground floor.

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Yareal Polska is a long-established, quality-leading real estate development company specialising in the high-end residential and apartment segment. The company has a strong capital position

and strong shareholder support. Since 2005, we have been actively involved in the Polish Association of Developer Companies PZFD. As a member of the PZFD, we adhere to a code of good practice. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards.

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ESG is one of the key terms for real estate developer projects which directly impacts the management and corporate responsibility of the business.

Sustainable development has been one of the foundations of Yareal's growth from the very beginning. We are aware of the great responsibility arising from new projects and functions which define the conditions and comfort of living in the city for decades to come.

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