In the heart of the city
In the heart of the city
In the heart of the city
In the heart of the city


Nowogrodzka Square is an intimate office building offering about 11,000 m2 of modern office space, perfectly integrated with the surrounding low-rise historical context. The main entrance to the building is located on the elegant and stylish plaza in front of the building - providing a nice public space with small architectural elements, and connecting Jerozolimskie Av. with Nowogrodzka street. Prime location, excellent exposure and easy access to public transport, human-friendly size of the building, high standard of office space and lower service charges than in office towers make Nowogrodzka Square a unique offer on the Warsaw business map, especially for companies looking for an intimate and elegant building for the location of their headquarters. Nowogrodzka Square is undergoing BREEAM certification, which demonstrates the priority Yareal gives to ecology and environmental protection.

Architectural award of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw "GRAND PRIX 2018" granted in 2019 for the investor of the Nowogrodzka Square office building at 93 Jerozolimskie Av.

Architectural award of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw in the category "Best commercial building of 2018" granted in 2019 for the Nowogrodzka Square office building at 93 Jerozolimskie Av.


Prestigious address in the downtown area of Warsaw, elegant and modern architecture, high standard of finishes and ecological solutions are the key requirements that should be fulfilled by the offices of a recognised company. Nowogrodzka Square has it all – it is an innovative, class A office building located at one of the most prime locations on Jerozolimskie Av. Advantages of the location include close proximity of commercial and retail facilities, including Złote Tarasy Shopping Center. A short walking distance to the Central Railway Station and to the metro station is one of the main assets of this investment. The building fulfills the frontline of Jerozolimskie Av. and perfectly integrates with the historical buildings surrounding it. Nowogrodzka Square stands out for its innovativeness, high quality of finishes and latest technologies consistent with the current environmental standards.

Representative public square in front of the building

Elegant entrance hall with reception desk

High quality finishing materials

Attention to detail and comfortable working space


The unique character of Nowogrodzka Square is achieved primarily by the distinctive, elegant and sophisticated architectural form, especially the modern facades with elements that perfectly match the nearby historical context, and the elegant plaza leading to the main entrance of the building. Optimally sized offices on the floors, easy to arrange, with good daylight access and various additional features contributing to the modern identity and flexibility of solutions increase comfort of work of the future users. Nowogrodzka Square is the most prestigious and intimate office building in the Warsaw city centre.

Architectural design: Hermanowicz Rewski Architekci


Nowogrodzka Square provides flexible floor plans which can be easily arranged to meet individual needs of each tenant. The solutions make it possible to arrange large open spaces layouts as well as partitioned offices. Flexible division of office into modules on a single floor, optimum office depth, and minimalisation of common space will increase tenants’ comfort and create friendly working environment. The system of raised floors and suspended ceilings provides free distribution of building systems and structural wiring, and allows for easy and cost-efficient adaptation of office layout to suit the changing needs and preferences of tenants during the ongoing lease term. Glazed facade of the building guarantee daylight access which directly translates into optimisation of electricity costs. Common areas, elevator halls, toilets and corridors on office floors, all finished in quality materials emphasize the high standard of the building. Service points, such as a newsstand, café or restaurant are provided on the ground floor.

  • 11,000 m2 of office space on 7 floors
  • 500 m2 of retail space
  • Typical floor area 1,920 m2
  • Office clear height 2.70 m
  • Glass facade with tilt windows
  • 4 fast elevators

Respect for the nature


  • Easy access to the municipal public transport, which limits the use of private cars
  • Retail amenities (shops and services) available in direct vicinity


  • Glazed facades providing good natural light
  • Excellent acoustics of the facade
  • High thermal comfort
  • Window blinds system to prevent the offices from overheating


  • Recycling facilities
  • Minimized water consumption and waste water production


  • Building powered only by renewable energy sources
  • Low energy consumption lighting
  • Energy-efficient elevators