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Nowogrodzka Square with a new tenant

The French-Polish Chamber of Commerce (Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie France Pologne, CCIFP) has become the latest tenant of the prestigious Nowogrodzka Square office building, which was completed several months ago.

CCIFP’s new headquarters will occupy ca. 450 square meters of class A office space on the building’s fourth floor.


The French-Polish Chamber of Commerce represents over 450 French and Polish companies. CCIFP supports its members in their investments and economic activity, assists in exchanging contacts with the largest foreign investors in Poland, and supports businesses in entering foreign markets. The new lessee will move its headquarters to Yareal’s boutique office building this July. CCIFP has chosen to locate its headquarters in a Yareal office complex for the second time now – between 2005-2010, CCIFP’s offices were located in the Renaissance building at Plac Zbawiciela, Warsaw.


The French-Polish Chamber of Commerce continues to grow steadily, and so has our need for new office space. We were looking for a modern, interesting and prestigious office with a prime location that would give us plenty of arrangement options to freely organize our various events. We would like for our new headquarters to become a meeting place for our 450 business members – prominent investors, often leaders in their respected industries. Nowogrodzka Square, which was built by a renowned developer Yareal, meets every aspect of our expectations. One of the building’s additional assets, which happens to be highly important to us as a business organization and to our members, is that Nowogrodzka Square meets the highest standards in terms of green construction” – said Monika Constant, General Director of the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce.


CCIFP’s presence in our building, a chamber of commerce that represents the interests of several hundred companies, will surely be conducive to the business activities of all our partners. I am convinced that Nowogrodzka Square’s prime location, as well as the perfect conditions it provides, will foster CCIFP’s continued growth and development. Moreover, CCIFP will have innovative and eco-friendly solutions at its disposal at the new premises. Our investment was awarded by the Polish Green Building Council for best completed certified green building” – said Eric Dapoigny, President of Yareal Polska.


Nowogrodzka Square is located amidst pre-war tenement houses only a short walk away from Warsaw’s Central Railway Station. A 100-m long urban walkway connects Aleje Jerozolimskie and Nowogrodzka Street. With a façade made of precious onyx and raw concrete, the office structure blends in perfectly with surrounding historical buildings that date back to the early 20th century. Nowogrodzka Square was designed and constructed in accordance with sustainable building requirements, which is confirmed by its Excellent BREEAM certification.


Nowogrodzka Square offers 11,500 square meters of class A office space. A typical floor of about 2,000 square meters can be easily arranged to meet the individual needs of any tenant. Moreover, the complex offers easy access to all means of public transport available in Warsaw, and has an underground parking lot with space for 148 cars and a bicycle parking area. The Nowogrodzka Square project was created by the Hermanowicz & Rewski architectural studio.


For more information on Nowogrodzka Square, please visit:


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French-Polish Chamber of Commerce (CCIFP) – CCIFP is an organization that brings together over 450 businesses with both French and Polish capital and is one of the most active chambers of commerce presently in Poland. CCIFP’s main goal is to help co-create the very best conditions for investments and economic development in Poland. Its activity in dealing with state administrative bodies and employers' organizations favors corporate cooperation and the mutual exchange of business experiences and contacts between entrepreneurs and businesses from France and Poland. CCIFP also deals with promoting the very best business practices and solutions with the aim of facilitating economic and social development. The French-Polish Chamber of Commerce was founded in April 1994 on the initiative of French entrepreneurs and belongs to CCI France International, which brings together over 120 French chambers of commerce from all over the world.


Yareal’s apartment building by Łazienki Park is ready for its first residents

The first residents are moving in to their modernist apartments at Yareal’s Łazienki Park Residence.


The stylish investment, located in Warsaw’s Ujazdów district, offers a total of 64 apartments and has been specially designed by HRA Architects to blend in with the area’s modernist architecture from the interwar period. The building, which features characteristic curves on its interior, facade and balconies, is located right next to Warsaw’s Łazienki Park. Only a handful of apartments spanning between 56 and 150 sq. m, as well as a few studio apartments, are still available for purchase.


Łazienki Park Residence is a 4-story building with characteristic rounded edges and shimmering corners – directly inspired by the area’s pre-war modernist architecture. It is located at 29 Listopada Street, less than 200 meters away from the southern entrance to Warsaw’s Royal Łazienki Park, and it’s very first residents who are moving in to their new apartments.


The common areas at Łazienki Park Residence have been arranged in the style of a pre-war bourgeois residence. This project’s unique design – which consists of top-quality materials and stylish lighting inspired by designs from the interwar period – creates an atmosphere that reflects that era. Numerous curves and stylish details have resulted in the interior’s timeless aesthetics. It features spiral staircases illuminated by sunrays cascading in through a skylight, and the view from the building’s exclusive fitness and relaxation area – which is equipped with exercise equipment, a sauna, showers, and a terrace with deckchairs – is breathtaking” – says Jacek Zengteler, Yareal`s General Manager.


Apartments still available on offer include, among others, the Łazienki Park Residence’s demonstration apartment. The spacious and fully-furnished corner apartment offers an area of 125 sq. m. and convenient access to two balconies. Łazienki Park Residence’s stone facade and top-floor pergola are another elegant feature of the project. Also, carefully selected greenery has been planted at the frontage of the building – over time, it will grow over the façade, creating a green and homely atmosphere. The main entrance to the building features a reception area and lobby, which also include pedestrian and car traffic monitoring facilities.


Residents at Łazienki Park Residence have access to 95 underground parking spaces, 32 storage rooms and bicycle annexes. Parking spaces in the underground garage can be equipped, at a clients’ request, with individual electric vehicle charging stations. The entire building has been fully adapted to the needs of disabled persons. The building has also been certified in the BREEAM sustainable construction system and has obtained a Very Good rating. This is the highest rating which has so far only been achieved by few residential investments in Poland. Apartment owners receive smart home starter packages from industry leader Yareal, giving them remote control over their appliances and home security.


Łazienki Park Residence was commissioned at the end of 2020 and its apartments are currently being handed over to new residents. A photo gallery of the building and its interiors is available on projects website. For more information please visit:


Yareal’s clients prefer large 5- and 4-bedroom apartments

The ongoing pandemic seems to have had an influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions when it comes to housing and real estate


It appears that customers are frequently choosing large- and medium-sized apartments in green housing estates that provide them with access to attractive common areas and other amenities. 4- and 5-bedroom apartments seem most appealing. The rising popularity of Yareal’s apartments confirms that the lockdown, as well as remote working and learning, have led to customers taking a growing interest in large apartments that offer additional rooms. 

Almost all 5- and 4-bedroom apartments in Dolina Mokotów Residence, located at the foot of the Warsaw escarpment at Bergamotki Street, have already found buyers. A similar trend is clearly visible in other high-end investments. Rapidly growing interest in large flats is indicative of certain customers making the decision to switch apartments and move to something that better suits both working and learning from home. This seems to particularly apply to housing investments that will be ready to move in to in the short term. Three cozy, two-story apartment buildings built by Yareal in Warsaw’s Lower Mokotów district have already been sold in approx. 70%. Since 4-room apartments are currently in great demand, the only positions left on offer are either large apartments exceeding 100 sq. m. or smaller 2-bedroom apartments.

“The pandemic is reshaping today’s housing needs. A few months prior to being complete, we have started to notice that Dolina Mokotów Residence is attracting the attention of customers looking for apartments that would suit both their private and professional needs. Some of the project’s apartments were designed with multi-generation families in mind, providing the possibility of arranging an independent, additional entrance that could lead to a separate part of a flat, a solution which could be intended for e.g. a senior. Today, we can see that these apartments are most popular among customers who plan to use the additional area to create a more comfortable home. Such layouts give the possibility of almost completely separating an apartment’s working area from its residential section” – says Jacek Zengteler, Yareal General Manager.

This small complex is being built in Warsaw’s Protected Landscape Area, next to a recently-opened park spanning several hectares. Sustainable and low-rise buildings with a maximum of 3 – 4 apartments per floor helped ensure that Dolina Mokotów Residence was awarded a BREEAM green building certificate. Thanks to the various solutions adopted at this investment, it has become yet another project to receive the highest possible BREEAM rating – Very Good. This is the highest rating in Poland so far and has been achieved by only a handful of residential projects. What’s more, each Dolina Mokotów Residence apartment owner will receive a standard smart home package by leading smart home solutions provider Fibaro. Such smart home systems provide residents with improved remote home security and functionality, as they can check on their apartment and control whatever appliances they may have via their smartphone or tablet. 

Dolina Mokotów Residence will be ready to receive it first tenants in the second quarter of this year. Currently, the project is in a closed shell state. Work on its facades, plasters, floors and common areas are in their final stages. Construction of an entirely new street along the Residence, which separates the neighboring residential investment on the other side, is also close to completion. Moreover, Yareal is designing a section of the street next to Żółta Karczma which, upon completion, will provide a direct connection to Aleje Wilanowskie, significantly improving residents’ access to Warsaw’s city center.

For more information on Dolina Mokotów Residence, please visit: 


Yareal’s first project in Gdynia is under way – a residential building by Kaszubski Square

Yareal has begun construction of its first residential investment in the Tricity – a remarkable modernist apartment building, located by Kaszubski Square in Gdynia’s city center.


The investment’s general contractor is Mota-Engil Central Europe S.A., a company with extensive experience in constructing all types of commercial and industrial projects, including residential buildings. Despite the ongoing pandemic, around 20% of apartments in Rezydencja Plac Kaszubski, which will house a total of 38 families, were sold even before construction work began.

Rezydencja Plac Kaszubski, named after its location, will be situated at the junction of Kaszubski Square and the Jan z Kolna Street, adjacent to the offices of the Gdynia Business Center. The 6-storey building will fill an opening between two buildings that encircle the square, closing it off on one side. 

“After completing a number of high-standard investments in Warsaw, which were constructed with utmost attention to every detail and with future residents’ comfort in mind, we are now making our debut in the Tricity. This cozy residential building in Gdynia’s city center has been designed in the modernist style that the city is famous for. We have made every effort to ensure Rezydencja Plac Kaszubski is compatible with the prestigious character of its location, fitting in seamlessly with the unique landscape and providing all the best modern-day comforts future residents might expect” – says Jacek Zengteler, General Manager of Yareal Polska.

The building will consist of 38 apartments with a ceiling height of almost 3 m. Top-floor apartments will feature large terraces spanning up to 68 sq. m., while other apartments will be equipped with comfortable balconies. Rezydencja Plac Kaszubski will offer flats of different sizes, ranging from 40 sq. m. studio apartments to over 170 sq. m penthouses. Spacious rooms will be well-lit with natural light thanks to large, floor-to-ceiling windows positioned by its balconies, terraces and at the building’s curved corner façade. The interior of the common areas, inspired by Gdynia’s pre-war townhouses, will highlight the building’s modernist style, and elegantly appointed entrance will offer a classic townhouse feel. The building’s staircase will be lit with additional natural light thanks to a roof skylight.

Rezydencja Plac Kaszubski will be located by a major square and a popular meeting place in Gdynia, which is why the street-facing part of the investment’s ground floor will feature 5 retail units. Meanwhile, the back of the building will offer access to a green patio with a playground and a bicycle parking station, all situated above an underground garage with 38 parking spaces.

Yareal has employed numerous eco-friendly solutions both inside the investment’s apartments and in its common areas to ensure a high level of environmental sustainability. All apartments will be equipped with cutting-edge smart home starter packs, including wireless systems for remote home management by leading smart home solutions manufacturer FIBARO. Additionally, the building will meet the stringent requirements expected of investments applying for BREEAM certification. Cutting-edge solutions, an excellent location and good access to public transport will ensure that Rezydencja Plac Kaszubski becomes the first residential investment in Gdynia to receive a BREEAM green building certificate with a “Very Good” rating. 

Yareal’s first residential investment in Gdynia is to be finished in the second half of 2022.

More information on the green building solutions employed in Rezydencja Plac Kaszubski are available on the investment’s website: 


Yareal has launched the pre-sale of apartments built as part of the second stage of the SOHO by YAREAL project

Yareal has begun the pre-sale of new apartments in its multifunctional residential complex, SOHO by Yareal, which is currently being developed in Warsaw’s Kamionek district.


As part of the project’s second stage, 296 high-standard apartments will be created in a building that will be situated by the complex’s linear park. Upon completion, Yareal’s flagship investment will comprise of more than ten buildings, including a number of modern blocks of flats as well as regenerated post-industrial landmarks.

The SOHO by Yareal complex will cover 5 ha of post-industrial land with apartment buildings, green areas, regenerated historic landmarks and a number of restaurants, shops, and service points, maintaining the true metropolitan spirit of Warsaw’s Praga district. The residential part of the complex, which will comprise of 900 units, will be part of a city block situated between Mińska, Chodakowska, Żupnicza and Bliska Streets.

“The residential and commercial parts of SOHO by Yareal will be separated by a 200-meter-long linear park, which will form the complex’s main axis. Residents and guests of the finished project will be able to spend time and relax among trees, bushes, and lawns and on playgrounds located throughout the park. Apartments were designed in such a manner as to ensure that sunny balconies and terraces provide tenants an excellent view of the park-like green area in the heart of SOHO by Yareal” – says Jacek Zengteler, President of Yareal.

The second stage of the investment will begin with the construction of the SOHO 16 building which will consist of 179 residential units. Apart from small, 1-room studio flats of around 30 sq. m. Yareal will also offer 2- and 3-room, medium-sized apartments with an area of up to 75 sq. m. SOHO 16 will also comprise of larger units, including 130 sq. m penthouses offering a beautiful view of the city. Some apartments will include small, private gardens situated on a raised patio and looking out onto the linear park. The SOHO by Yareal project provides for service and commercial facilities, which will be located on the southern side of the park-like main axis of the complex among restored historic buildings. Several green areas and squares as well as cafes, restaurants, shops, and service points will be located throughout the investment.

SOHO 16 will have between 5 and 9 stories. An enclosed passageway in the west wing will allow easy access to adjoining buildings. The main entrance to the building will lead through a lobby and reception area inspired by post-industrial design and dominated by elements of raw concrete and steel. The ground floor will feature five commercial units while the underground garage will offer access to storage rooms and 198 parking spaces. Residents will have the option of installing private charging stations for their electric vehicles.

SOHO by Yareal will be situated in the vicinity of one Warsaw’s largest parks – Skaryszewski Park and its Kamionkowskie Lake. The Mińska metro station, part of Warsaw’s new third metro line, is to be located just a few minutes’ walk away from the complex at the corner of Mińska and Stanisławowska Streets.

The entire SOHO by Yareal project will meet rigorous international requirements for green building certification. As early as at its design stage, the investment was closely and carefully inspected as part of the BREEAM Communities certification process, a new and unprecedented standard on the Polish residential real estate market. This model of urban planning serves to improve, measure, and evaluate the social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainable building. SOHO by Yareal is the biggest residential investment in the company’s history. Almost all apartments built as part of the first stage of the investment have already been sold – only a few remain and are still available.


Yareal sells two office buildings in the LIXA complex

Yareal closed the final agreement for the sale of the first phase the LIXA complex, which opened its doors to tenants in November.


This first stage of the investment was purchased by Hana Investment Co. Ltd, a South Korean consortium represented by Commerz Real. The agreement covers two separate buildings with a total area of 28,000 sq. m. as well as 410 parking spaces in underground garages. The complex’s primary tenant is BNP Paribas, whose new headquarters will occupy the entirety of the office space in LIXA’s largest building. A smaller building will welcome even more tenants soon, including the Solenis company and Yareal itself, as the latter will be moving its headquarters to its flagship investment located by Warsaw’s Daszyńskiego Roundabout.

The buildings purchased by the South Korean consortium have already opened to their tenants. BNP Paribas is currently moving into the larger of the two, where it will occupy 22,000 sq. m. of office space. The lease agreement for the bank’s headquarters was one of the largest transactions to ever take place on the Polish market.

“Another building with an area of 20,000 sq. m. is currently being developed as part of the project’s second phase. Upon its completion in 2022, a garden-like courtyard will be created in the middle of the complex which will provide tenants with access to over 3,200 sq. m. of green spaces. Recreation areas with trees, shrubs and lawns will create a friendly and natural environment – one which is sorely missing in the area around Daszyńskiego Roundabout. Moreover, these buildings will only be 6 stories high, and will feature terraces and openable windows. These are definitely the LIXA complex’s greatest assets. Buildings from the project’s remaining stages will be constructed on the other side of a 150-meter-long inner walkway which will form the main axis of the complex” – explains Eric Dapoigny, President of Yareal Polska.

A similar solution was adopted by Yareal in a different office investment – Nowogrodzka Square – which was named Best Commercial Building and also won the Grand Prix in the 2019 Architectural Prize of the Mayor of Warsaw competition. In addition to the building that is currently under construction at the LIXA complex, another two office buildings will be erected by the project’s main walkway, creating a convenient link between Kasprzaka and Giełdowa Streets with green terraces and an open garden. As a result, the complex will ultimately offer over half a hectare of green areas – in addition to a total 75,000 sq. m. of office and retail space.

LIXA’s architectural plan, which covers an entire city block, combines innovation with traditional pre-war modernist architecture and will surely transform the landscape of Warsaw’s new business center. Yareal’s flagship investment is located nearby one of Warsaw’s new second metro line stations – Rondo Daszyńskiego – providing employees with easy access to the city’s public transport routes. Its campus-like character, combined with the functionality of its buildings and shared spaces, makes it an attractive alternative to other high-rises in the area.

The LIXA project will be awarded a BREEAM certificate for sustainable building, thus confirming the effectiveness of the complex’s numerous eco-friendly solutions. Yareal’s flagship office investment is to receive an “Excellent” rating on its BREEAM certification.

Yareal relied on the services of CBRE, law firm GIDE LOYRETTE NOUEL and consulting company MDDP during negotiations.

Law firm Baker Tilly Woroszylska Legal provided Hana Investment Co. Ltd. with legal assistance, whereas the consortium looked to TPA-Group for consulting services and Arcadis for technical support. The acquisition was financed by Helaba.

For more information on the LIXA complex, please visit:


Rezydencja Iwicka – apartments by Yareal in Warsaw’s Dolny Mokotów district

Yareal has started constructing four cozy residential buildings in Warsaw’s Dolny Mokotów district.


Rezydencja Iwicka will consist of 88 flats of different sizes, offering a range of 27 sq. m. micro apartments and 40 sq. m. studio apartments to penthouses spanning over 200 sq. m. Yareal’s trusted partner, the Unibep construction company, which is currently overseeing another of the company’s investments – Soho by Yareal in Warsaw’s Kamionek district – was selected as the building constructor for this new residential project.


Even though construction has just commenced, ca. 30% of all apartments that were put up for sale in the first half of this year have already been purchased. Yareal’s residential investment will be located in the green part of Dolny Mokotów, at the junction of Iwicka and Krasnołęcka Streets, in the vicinity of the highly regarded Miguel de Cervantes High School. This part of the Mokotów district – Sielce – is dominated by modernist brownstones, old villas and post-war buildings set amongst cozy streets. Three beautiful public parks with rich history are located nearby – the Sielecki Park, the Morskie Oko Park and the Royal Łazienki Park. Fitting in seamlessly with its surroundings, this investment’s distinct detailing and the color of its façade will emulate the architectural style typical of this district.


Rezydencja Iwicka’s four cozy apartment buildings will be separated by three green courtyards accessible through a guest entrance located next to the lobby and flanked by an arcade. Some of the ground-floor apartments will include private gardens which are currently highly sought after by potential buyers. The biggest penthouses with mezzanines will be fitted with two-story windows to provide maximum sunlight to the stylish 5.5-meter-high apartments. The terraces, balconies and loggias with glass balustrades will overlook the green areas around the buildings as well as the beautifully landscaped inner courtyards” – says Jacek Zengteler, General Manager of Yareal Polska.


Rezydencja Iwicka will offer a variety of apartments, ranging from 27 sq. m. micro apartments to luxurious penthouses with spacious terraces, the largest of which will cover 208 sq. m. Moreover, potential buyers will be able to choose from a wide selection of large- and mid-sized apartments ranging between 60 and 90 sq. m. In terms of each apartment’s layout, special attention was paid to their functionality and the ease in which new tenants will be able to arrange individual rooms, including the division into a day and night areas to make them more adaptable to residents’ natural circadian rhythms. 


Apartment owners will have an additional shared space at their disposal, accessible directly from the lobby, where they will be able to hold private meetings. A multi-purpose common area equipped with a kitchenette, a children's corner, a TV area, and sanitary facilities, will be a great place to host birthday parties, neighbors’ get-togethers and movie nights or to watch sports events. Rezydencja Iwicka will include three retail units, which have already been leased, as well as an underground car park with 110 parking spaces and a few dozen storage rooms.


Yareal’s new residential project will be located just a few minutes’ walk from the southern gate of the Royal Łazienki Park. With a number of bus stops and over 30 bus lines, the location offers excellent access to public transport. It was largely due to the accessibility of public transport that Rezydencja Iwicka has been awarded a BREEAM certificate for sustainable building with the highest “Very Good” rating, which confirms that the investment meets the highest standards in green building. Moreover, every owner of a Rezydencja Iwicka apartment will receive a cutting-edge smart home starter pack which includes wireless systems for remote home management by leading smart home solutions manufacturer FIBARO.


The investment is expected to be completed in the first half of 2022.


More information on the Rezydencja Iwicka estate, as well as the green building solutions required for BREEAM certification at a Very Good level, are available on the investment’s website: