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Three Yareal offices with Excellent BREEAM certification

The Nowogrodzka Square office building and the NEOPARK office complex have been awarded their final BREEAM certificates for sustainable building,

while another Yareal office investment – the first stage of the company's flagship LIXA complex located near the Daszyński Roundabout – has received a BREEAM Interim certificate. All three properties have received the “Excellent” rating.

In the case of the two completed investments, Nowogrodzka Square and the NEOPARK complex, the BREEAM assessments carried out by independent assessors were in line with the projects’ objectives, which were to achieve a score of over 70 points. Both investments received the highest possible rating in the transport category due to their excellent locations and access to public transportation. Moreover, during their final review, which takes place as soon as an investment is completed, both of Yareal’s projects scored high in the “Land Use and Ecology” and “Health and Wellbeing” categories.

“The new year has given us plenty of reasons to be happy with our work, since shortly before obtaining its Excellent BREEAM certificate, the Nowogrodzka Square office building won the Grand Prix and an award for Best Commercial Building at the 2019 Architectural Prize of the Mayor of Warsaw competition. Moreover, the NEOPARK office complex, whose windows cascade down towards a central green courtyard, has just recently been fully leased with almost half of all available space going to a single tenant – telecommunications operator Play” – explains Eric Dapoigny, President of Yareal.

The third of Yareal’s projects to have been awarded the Excellent BREEAM certificate is the LIXA complex – the biggest flagship office investment in the company’s history which is currently being erected near the Daszyński Roundabout. The first stage of the project, whose design has just passed the first phase of the certification process, consists of two buildings which have already been purchased by a South Korean investor. Most of the first stage’s ca 29,000 square meters of office space will be occupied by the new headquarters of BNP Paribas.

Ultimately, the LIXA complex will offer 65,000 square meters of flexible office space that’s easily adaptable to the individual needs of tenants. Just as the two other BREEAM-certified investments, LIXA received the highest rating in the transport category, scoring a maximum of 100 points. Moreover, the project owes its high rating to high-quality urban planning and excellent sustainability. What will set this complex apart from other office buildings is its original and diverse architecture, as well as its green courtyard, which will serve as a friendly and open space with perfect conditions for both work and relaxation.


Solar energy and a community garden at Yareal’s new investment in Warsaw’s Mokotów district

Yareal is raising the standard of the common areas in its Pozytywny Mokotów investment.


Residents of the complex, located at Postępu Street, will have at their disposal a community garden and free green energy produced by solar panels – Yareal’s residential complex will become even more sustainable and eco-friendly thanks to these new improvements.

The central part of Pozytywny Mokotów constitutes of a broad promenade made up of small squares, benches, potted plants, and plenty of space for outdoor activities. The investment’s green areas will be filled to the brim with lush plant life, lending it a park-like feel. Pozytywny Mokotów’s 200-meter-long walkway will be filled with biodiverse flora, including different species of trees, ornamental shrubs and perennials to form green, grassy lawns. These will be interspersed with inner terraces equipped with benches and gazebos, as well as three playgrounds, outdoor leisure areas with picnic facilities, lounge chairs and a hammock. The inner garden created as a part of Pozytywny Mokotów will cover an area of 10,000 sq. m.

“We're introducing community gardens and improving common areas as we firmly believe that these are an important added value for our residents. Our recent experience with the pandemic has made us realize how crucial large and attractive common areas can be, especially in apartment complexes. That’s why we want Pozytywny Mokotów to have several dozen nursery containers for growing garden plants – both ornamental and edible – typical of the Polish climate. Common green areas, where residents will be able to plant their own flowers and vegetables, will become a more personal space – a kind of a private garden. This will create an atmosphere of an urban oasis, conducive to outdoor activity and fostering good neighbourly relations” – explains Jacek Zengteler, General Manager of Yareal Polska.

Pozytywny Mokotów is Yareal’s second residential investment to be equipped photovoltaics, after the Vice Versa complex in Warsaw’s Wola district. The PV panels installed on the building that is to be erected in the first stage of the investment will generate 20 000 kWh per year. The power supplied by the solar plant with the capacity of 19.84 kWp will be used, among others, to light the inner garden areas and the underground parking garage. These green solutions will save residents money on their service fees. Additional buildings that are to be constructed in the investment’s later stages will also be fitted with photovoltaic panels, increasing the overall capacity. 


Additionally, Yareal has become involved in expanding the district’s transport infrastructure as a part of this investment. Alongside the residential complex, the company will build a roundabout at the intersection of Postępu and Konstruktorska Streets, as well as bus stops and sidewalks. Apart from resurfacing the roads, Yareal will finance a 200-meter-long stretch of bike path that will complement the complex’s infrastructure, which includes several underground bicycle parking spaces equipped with bike racks that will be located next to staircase entrances. 

The first stage of the Pozytywny Mokotów investment – two buildings with a total of 125 apartments – is to be completed in the spring of 2021. Almost all apartments offered in this stage have already been sold. The second stage will include the construction of three buildings located in the center of the complex, offering 258 apartments ranging from 33 to 110 sq. m. Overall, Pozytywny Mokotów will consist of 7 buildings housing over 600 families. 

More information on Pozytywny Mokotów, the show flat available for viewing at the company’s sales office at Konstruktorska Street, as well on the green building solutions required for BREEAM certification are available on the website:


Yareal’s apartment debut in Gdynia

The Warsaw-based real estate developer has launched the presale of apartments in its first residential investment in Gdynia – Kaszubski Square Residence.


An impressive 6-story building with 38 spacious apartments and an underground garage will be erected at Kaszubski Square, near its junction with Jan z Kolna Street. Yareal’s debut investment in Gdynia’s city center will feature a curved and modernist corner façade, complementing the surrounding architecture and the nearby musical fountain.

The investment is named after Kaszubski Square, which is located a short walk away from Gdynia’s center – Kościuszki Square. This landmark is situated next to a popular seaside boardwalk and public beach, and is also the starting point of one of the city’s high streets, Świętojańska Street. 

“Kaszubski Square is the very heart of the city and is known for its distinctive modernist architecture, which served as an inspiration for our investment – Kaszubski Square Residence will blend in seamlessly with the unique fabric of Gdynia. It’s no coincidence that we’ve chosen this location for our debut. We want Kaszubski Square Residence to be a great place to live and for the building to perfectly complement the historic urban layout of Gdynia’s city center and its modernist architecture” – explains Jacek Zengteler, General Manager at Yareal Polska.

Kaszubski Square Residence will feature a distinct rounded corner and large glass window panes on the ground-floor commercial areas as well as on the living rooms of higher-floor apartments. The building will offer a total of 38 2- to 5-room apartments, ranging from 39 to 162 sq. m., with a ceiling height of up to 3 m, fitted with balconies or large terraces ranging from 25 to 68 sq. m. on the top floor. All apartments have been designed with ergonomics and cost-effectiveness in mind, and will be equipped with a cutting-edge smart home solutions, including wireless systems for remote home management by leading smart home solutions manufacturer FIBARO. 

Due to its attractive location, the building’s ground-floor will feature four commercial units – two of which will be suitable for catering or restaurant purposes. Located behind the residence and above its underground garage, a green patio will provide residents with access to a playground and a bicycle parking station.

Kaszubski Square Residence was designed to incorporate a range of modernist features. Staircases characteristic of interwar townhouses in Gdynia served as an inspiration for the interior design of the building’s common areas, which will be lit with natural light thanks to a roof skylight. Moreover, an elegant entrance will welcome residents or guests arriving to this classic urban residence.

The investment’s excellent location, its surrounding public transport amenities, innovative design and smart solutions will ensure that it receives a BREEAM green certificate for sustainable building with the highest possible rating – ‘Very Good’ – which has so far only been awarded to a handful of residential investments in Poland.

Construction of Kaszubski Square Residence is scheduled to commence by the end of the year. The investment is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022.


A final certificate for Eden Włodarzewska – Yareal’s green estate with the highest BREEAM rating in Poland

The housing estate by Yareal, which consists of 6 semi-detached houses and a three-story, multi-family residential building, has received its final BREEAM green building certificate.


Eden Włodarzewska, located in Warsaw's Szczęśliwice district, is Yareal’s second housing estate to have received final BREEAM certification. It is also the company’s first investment to be granted a Very Good level, following verification by an independent auditor. Until now, there was only one other housing investment in Poland with such a high BREEAM rating.

For the past couple of months, residents of Eden Włodarzewska have been arranging their 91 newly-built flats and semi-detached houses, located next to the Szczęśliwice Fort and Szczęśliwicki Park. These happy residents are part of an exclusive group of pioneers living in the most highly-rated green building investment in Poland. The estate’s Very Good rating came from its high evaluations in the transport, construction management, and greenery and ecology categories.

“This is an important step for Yareal. Since we decided to certify all of our housing investments a few years ago, we have already received a second confirmation of our compliance with stringent BREEAM requirements. Our clients, who purchased houses and flats in the Eden Włodarzewska estate, now have a guarantee of the unique character of their property – designed and built with the utmost respect for the environment, and with the noticeable effects of climate change in mind. Thanks to this approach, their houses and flats will age slower, and will also be more cost-effective to maintain. We managed to obtain an almost 10% improvement in energy efficiency compared to buildings built in accordance with widespread applicable standards” – says Jacek Zengteler, General Manager at Yareal Polska.

Among many factors, Yareal has looked into adequate water retention i.e. limiting the flow of rainwater and using accumulated water to irrigate surrounding green areas by the semi-detached houses. These green areas were designed by an experienced ecologist, who based their flora on native plant species that do not require watering and are resistant to climate and weather changes. Moreover, as part of a move to improve the biodiversity of areas around Eden Włodarzewska, Yareal has constructed a butterfly dwelling equipped with special booths and water feeders.

The estate – lined by a discreet fence and security system – and its inner parts aren’t accessible to traffic, which is led directly from the street into an underground garage. The investment also features relaxation zones with benches and greenery, a playground with a safe ground surface made of natural materials, and an active zone with fitness equipment. Both residents and their guests have bicycle parking zones at their disposal, along with LED-controlling motion and twilight detectors or energy-saving elevators. As a standard, every new apartment comes with a smart home starter pack consisting of sensors and solutions provided by smart home market leader Fibaro, which will allow residents to remotely manage their home devices or security system.

During the entire construction process, the investment remained under direct supervision of a BREEAM assessor who ensured that the requirements necessary to achieve the Very Good rating were met. One of these was a rigorous requirement to segregate waste generated during construction, with up to 95% of it being recycled. This way, the investment obtained the highest possible score in this category.

Eden Włodarzewska was commissioned for use in the summer of last year. Even before the investment was completed, all apartments and almost all of its houses were sold. The very last plot available for sale is a 184 sq. m. house with a 46 sq. m. terrace and a 144 sq. m. yard.

More information on the environmentally friendly solutions employed at Eden Włodarzewska can be found on our website:


Yareal’s Strefa Wilanów the first residential complex awarded BREEAM Final Certificate

Yareal’s residential investment in Warsaw’s Wilanów district, which was completed just a few months ago, has just been awarded a BREEAM Final Certificate.


 This is Yareal’s first multifamily residential development to pass the complete assessment carried out by BREEAM assessors – from certification of the investment’s project to post-construction evaluation. The BREEAM certificate awarded to Strefa Wilanów serves as a confirmation that the investment meets even the most stringent planning and building standards. 

Strefa Wilanów, situated on a 3.5 ha plot of land next to the Wilanów District Hall, the most representative part of the Miasteczko Wilanów neighborhood, is the only BREEAM-certified residential complex in the district. Yareal’s investment is located around 300 m from King Jan III Sobieski’s summer residence, the Wilanów Palace – Villa Nova in Latin – after which the entire district takes its name. Strefa Wilanów achieved the highest score in the Land Use and Ecology category. 

“What has earned our complex the BREEAM Final Certificate is a large interior patio with thousands of thoughtfully arranged shrubs, perennials and grasses as well as ornamental trees and flower beds. It is thanks to the biodiverse green spaces filled with indigenous climate-resistant plant species, environmentally-friendly design and low-density project that independent BREEAM assessors awarded Strefa Wilanów the highest score in the Land Use and Ecology category.” – explains Jacek Zengteler, General Manager at Yareal Polska.

Due to its excellent location, Yareal’s investment scored high marks in the Transport and Services category. There is a multitude of restaurants, stores, and service points at residents’ disposal, as well as outdoor gyms and a dog park, all in close proximity to the complex. Thanks to excellent public transport and road links and a vast network of pedestrian and bicycle lanes – partially funded by Yareal – Strefa Wilanów is exceptionally well-connected to other districts. Bike lanes that run by the complex lead to a scenic route along the Vistula river which connects the northern districts of Warsaw with the health-resort town of Konstancin, the picturesque landscape of the Urzecze microregion, and the Wyspy Zawadowskie Nature Reserve. Especially during the current pandemic, these sparsely populated areas are a popular trip destination and allow for the adherence to proper social distancing measures. 

In the final BREEAM certification process, Strefa Wilanów scored high in categories that relate to managing the construction process, using building materials and managing waste. Nearly 75 % of all waste generated in the construction of the complex has been recycled. Household waste is stored in underground waste containers, from where it is transported to the surface using a special lift designed specifically for that purpose. 

There is only a handful of residential investments with the BREEAM Final Certificate in Poland. It was not until a few years ago that Yareal decided that all of their new housing projects would undergo the rigorous certification process. In just 4 years, the company became an undisputed leader in sustainable building in Poland with 7 BREEAM-certified projects – nearly half of all BREEAM-certified investments in Poland. Strefa Wilanów is the first investment to pass the final assessment, which ends the several-years-long evaluation process and ensures Strefa Wilanów receives the final certificate. Yareal is currently seeking to obtain a BREEAM Final Certificate for the company’s other completed residential projects in Warsaw’s Szczęśliwice and Stare Włochy districts.

Strefa Wilanów, which was completed last autumn, comprises of 9 cozy residential buildings with 300 high-standard apartments. More information on the eco-friendly solutions employed by Yareal are available on the investment’s website:


Yareal is selling its flagship office investment in Warsaw’s city center

Yareal has signed a contract to sell the prestigious Nowogrodzka Square office building to a French fund managed by Amundi Real Estate.


The transaction includes an exclusive class A office building covering an area of 11,000 square meters, as well as an underground garage with 148 parking spaces. Nowogrodzka Square was opened in the fall of 2018.

“Nowogrodzka Square is Yareal’s flagship office investment and as such a lot of heart and effort went into its construction. We are certain that this investment will be in the right hands and we have complete confidence that this extraordinary building will serve to provide favorable working conditions to its tenants as well as increase the value of its owner’s portfolio. We can see now more than ever that modern working solutions, including openable windows, terraces and flexible office arrangement, are a necessity – especially in light of the constrains imposed by the ongoing global pandemic. This extraordinary office building is an amazing investment which, in the past, had been long-term leased by reliable tenants and will now go to a fund managed by Amundi Real Estate, a European leader on this market” – says Eric Dapoigny, the President of Yareal Polska.

Nowogrodzka Square is an exclusive 6-story office building that blends in seamlessly with the surrounding historical architecture. It is located a short walk away from Warsaw’s Central Railway Station. a spectacular urban walkway connecting Aleje Jerozolimskie and Nowogrodzka Street was created as part of the project. With ample greenery, numerous benches and restaurants, Nowogrodzka Square has been skillfully integrated into its historical surroundings, which are dominated by modernist brownstones from the early 20th century.

During the negotiations, Amundi Real Estate relied on support from acquisition advisors from Knight Frank, legal advisory from CMS and technical advisory from Sentient. Yareal relied on the services of experts from the CBRE consulting company, and on legal support from GIDE.

Nowogrodzka Square, which was constructed in less than 20 months, meets the rigorous requirements of the international BREEAM system for sustainable building, thanks to which the investment was awarded a BREEAM certificate with an “Excellent” rating. A green urban public walkway was created along the office building, connecting Aleje Jerozolimskie and Nowogrodzka Street. Moreover, Nowogrodzka Square was recently named Best Commercial Building and won the Grand Prix in the 2019 Architectural Prize of the Mayor of Warsaw competition. 

For more information on Nowogrodzka Square, please visit:


Yareal will build new apartments in Warsaw’s Mokotów district

Yareal has launched sales of apartments in its latest residential project – Rezydencja Iwicka.


Construction of the new investment, which will be built in Warsaw’s Mokotów district, is to begin soon. Located at the corner of Iwicka and Krasnołęcka Streets, Rezydencja Iwicka will consist of 88 flats of different sizes, ranging from 40 sq. m. studio apartments to over 200 sq. m. penthouses. The estate’s four cozy buildings will seamlessly merge with the low-rise architecture and rich greenery characteristic of Lower Mokotów.

The new residential investment, located at the junction of Iwicka and Krasnołęcka Streets, will offer apartments with an above-standard height of up to 5.5 m; in the case of its top-floor penthouses with mezzanines. The estate’s compact four-story apartment buildings will be separated by three green courtyards, the most representative of which will be under an arcade situated next to the guest entrance and will double as a lobby. The buildings’ façades will face the property’s green interior, providing a sense of privacy for residents. Designed by the Maas Projekt studio, Rezydencja Iwicka will blend in seamlessly with the architecture of Lower Mokotów down to the smallest of details.

“The property’s corner building will include a large, multi-purpose common area equipped with a children’s play corner, a film screening area, a kitchenette and sanitary facilities and will be available exclusively to the estate’s residents so that they may, for example, host children’s parties, organize meetings of the homeowners’ association, or watch sports events together in the company of friends and neighbors” – says Jacek Zengteler, General Manager of Yareal Polska.

An adjacent room with a front desk will offer extra space for storing deliveries. Moreover, the investment will feature three commercial areas, as well as an underground car park with 110 parking spaces and around 50 storage units.

All Rezydencja Iwicka apartments will feature large, wooden windows, and some will be equipped with sliding windows with large glazing. These will open onto the complex’s lush greenery, which will include private gardens, balconies and loggias with glass balustrades. Looking up at the investment from the ground, the windows will get bigger with every floor, reaching a full height of two stories at the top-floor apartments with mezzanines

Detailed work will go into every inch of the estate, including the common areas, with all staircases and corridors being fitted with energy-efficient LED lighting. Discreetly located, shaded light fixtures have been specially designed to provide soft, understated illumination. The brownstone architecture of Dolny Mokotów served as inspiration for the project’s multi-hued and textured façade, which will fit in perfectly with the noble and natural color scheme typical of the district.

Yareal’s new residential project will be just a few minutes’ walk from the southern gate to the Royal Łazienki Park. Located in the vicinity of several tram and bus stops, Rezydencja Iwicka will provide direct access to over 30 public transport links. Its excellent location, public transport amenities as well as innovative design and technical solutions will ensure the investment receives a BREEAM sustainable building certificate with the highest rating of “Very Good”, which has been awarded only to a handful of residential investments in Poland thus far. Moreover, every owner of a Rezydencja Iwicka apartment will receive a cutting-edge smart home starter pack which will include wireless systems for remote home management from leading smart home solutions manufacturer FIBARO.

The construction of Rezydencja Iwicka is scheduled to commence in the second half of 2020. The investment is expected to be completed in the first half of 2022.

More information on the Rezydencja Iwicka estate, as well as on the green building solutions required

To achieve Very Good BREEAM certification are available on the investment’s website: