SOHO by Yareal: more apartments for sale in Warsaw’s Kamionek district

Yareal is expanding its offer of flats and apartments for sale at the firm’s flagship investment, SOHO by Yareal.

As part of the project’s third stage of construction, a new apartment building with higher-standard flats will be erected right next to the complex’s central, linear park. Residential building KARDAN will offer a total of 132 apartments spanning between 25 – 125 sq. m. and 10 commercial premises on its ground floor. Its top floor will feature exclusive apartments with 3-meter-high windows and spacious terraces.


KARDAN is a U-shaped building erected in the center of SOHO by Yareal; a contemporary and multifunctional residential, service and commercial complex that will ultimately span 5 hectares in Warsaw’s Praga Południe district. The building’s ground floor will include dedicated areas for retail and service points located along an internal passage with large, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and four public entrances centered around an open patio. All apartments above the ground floor will feature tall, Portfenetr-type windows. The entrance to KARDAN’s underground garage will be on Mińska Street. This will provide residents and guests with easy access to the well-liked and popular restaurant, Warszawa Wschodnia, which is located right next to the complex. Some of the parking spaces in the underground garage will be intended for the restaurant and its guests.


The building’s central location, right next to the linear park, is reflected in its characteristic architectural solutions and functions. Its elegant brick tile façade will be a direct reference to the area’s post-industrial history, thanks to which KARDAN will blend in seamlessly with the surrounding residential and revitalized, historic buildings.


SOHO by Yareal was designed with the 15-Minute City urban planning concept in mind, with residents and guests being able to fulfill most of their needs on the spot – from simply living in the complex itself, through shopping, running errands, meeting with friends, or relaxing in Soho’s many gardens, restaurants and cafés. This is no ordinary estate, but rather a well thought-out and diversified complex with a number of attractive utilities – combining flats, apartments, parks, greenery, recreational areas, unique architecture and useful services in a single location” – explains Jacek Zengteler, Vice President of Yareal.


SOHO by Yareal will serve as an open public center, making the complex itself a residential, retail and service hub with lush greenery and attractive recreational areas. Ultimately, this city block – located between Mińska, Chodakowska, Żupnicza and Bliska Streets – will be teeming with metropolitan life, offering a number of amenities for comfortable and modern living to residents and guests alike. Once underway, construction of residential building KARDAN will mark the commencement of the third stage of the investment. This will be the sixth residential building in SOHO by Yareal, with the complex ultimately becoming a new, welcoming home for app. 900 families. The high interest and high sales rate testify to the satisfaction of customers who value the strengths of Yareal's project. More than 60% of apartments and apartments put up for sale in the presently implemented second stage have already found buyers.


Yareal currently has over 100 higher-standard apartments and flats on offer here. Construction of the investment’s second stage is nearing completion and includes the creation of SOHO’s 300-meter-long linear park, which will feature recreational areas with hills and natural playgrounds irrigated with rainwater collected and distributed by a specially-designed water retention system.


The complex will comprise of both newly-built and revitalized historic buildings, all of which will feature service and retail points – several dozen in total – as well as a commercial, multi-functional hall near Mińska Street. The entire complex will consist of a dozen or so buildings, surrounded by numerous squares, plazas and alleys, creating a cozy atmosphere that’s so characteristic of the Polish capital’s Praga district. Motor vehicle traffic will be limited throughout the complex, which itself will be adapted to pedestrian and bicycle traffic thanks to a network of sidewalks and cycle lanes connecting all areas of the investment.


SOHO by Yareal is the single largest residential and service project in the real estate developer's history. The flagship investment is being built near Skaryszewski Park and Kamionkowskie Lake in Warsaw’s Praga Południe district. This location offers convenient public transport connections thanks to an extensive network of buses and trams, as well as trains from the nearby Warszawa Wschodnia Railway Station. What’s more, Warsaw’s planned third metro line and the Mińska station will be located just a few minutes’ walk away. A few days ago, Warsaw city authorities announced that they were planning to announce a tender for the construction of the first stage of the new metro line – which will run through Kamionek – as early as next year. The launch of this new public transport connection will certainly increase the area’s attractiveness and accessibility, contributing to the rising value of real estate in this part of the city.


The investment is being built in line with modern green building regulations and stringent requirements for BREEAM certification. The complex has also obtained BREEAM Communities certification – one of the first investment’s on the Polish market to do so – which confirms that it meets the highest standards in urban design and was developed together with, i.a. the local government and the area’s conservator. The completion of all stages of SOHO by Yareal will take place in about 4–5 years.


For more information on SOHO by Yareal, please visit: https://www.yareal.pl/sohobyyareal


Yareal is building a sustainable residential estate next to Warsaw’s II metro line

Yareal’s very first investment in Warsaw's Bemowo district will be located just 300 meters from the planned Chrzanów metro station, bringing urban order to a district dominated by individual, small-scale residential projects built on agricultural plots.


Sales have already started for 164 apartments created in the first of the project’s buildings. Once complete, the investment will create two new urban blocks near the intersection of Człuchowska and Lazurowa Streets. NEOWO’s buildings will be partially powered by their own solar power plant, and a public square located within the project will be fitted with street furniture made of upcycled wind turbine propellers.


Having upcycled wind turbine propellers used in street furniture will be a first on the Polish housing market, with the first pieces being installed at the investment site – next to Yareal’s sales office – prior to the start of construction. This unique furniture will also be installed in a 300-meter-long green park that will run from the intersection of Człuchowska and Lazurowa Streets to the site of the planned Chrzanów metro station, through the length of the residential estate.


By building NEOWO, we are introducing urban and architectural order to a dynamically developing part of the district which, in its next stages, will be included in the expansion of Warsaw’s second metro line and will have its own underground railway station. Residents of Yareal’s residential estate will be able to reach these new public transport lines via the investment’s green park, which will lead them directly to the station. Most apartments built in NEOWO will be sought-after two- and three-room units spanning between ​​31 – 75 sq. m. and designed with young families in mind. These apartments will be complemented by with project’s many amenities, such as lush greenery and recreational areas, as well as a sunny terrace for rooftop residents which will be equipped with deckchairs, tables and potted plants” – explains Jacek Zengteler, vice president of Yareal.


Apartments with a mezzanine will be located on the upper floors of NEOWO’s first residential building. The loggias and balconies adjacent to these units, and those of many other apartments, will feature a ‘razor blade’ motif that will decorate the building’s façade. In addition to the abovementioned two- and three-room apartments, the building will also include 4-room apartments starting at 80 sq. m., several studio flats, and a 5-room apartment spanning ​​125 sq. m. with a large 15. sq. m. balcony.


The first of NEOWO’s residential buildings, designed by BDM Architekci, will be between 4 – 7 stories high and will create a new urban quarter in this part of the capital, standing out from the surrounding low-rise housing projects built on agricultural fields. The investment will be located by Batalionów Chłopskich Street and the bilingual Gaudeamus Private Primary School, adjacent to a small, newly-built shopping center.


Yareal’s investment envisages the creation of over 160 bicycle parking spaces, both in the underground garage and on an outdoor patio. A green, open courtyard will feature community gardens for residents to grow their own vegetables, flowers and herbs. Moreover, a playground and a recreational square with benches, tables and sun shades will be built nearby, and the center of the patio will be outfitted with an entrance to an emergency staircase leading into the underground garage. Underground, Yareal will create 170 parking spaces, half of which will be adapted for the installation of EV charging stations. 12 parking spots with ready-to-use chargers will also be built. NEOWO is yet another project by Yareal to include its own solar power plant, as rooftop photovoltaic installations will help residents save money on their electricity bills and will be used to power e.g. the lighting within the estate’s common areas and underground garage.


NEOWO will undergo BREEAM green building certification and is expected to achieve a Very Good rating; the highest score achieved by only a handful of residential projects in Poland. Yareal, a leader in green construction, has so far completed over 40 residential buildings, houses and offices that have undergone green building certification.


More information on NEOWO and Yareal's green solutions can be found on the investment project’s partners' websites: https://www.yareal.pl/neowo.


Yareal: newly-built apartments in Pozytywny Mokotów

Yareal has just completed the largest stage of the Pozytywny Mokotów residential estate.


New apartment owners have started to move in to 258 flats that have been built as part of the investment’s second stage. Pozytywny Mokotów, located in Warsaw's Służewiec district, is one of Yareal’s most ecological residential projects to date – with three solar power plants, a 200-meter-long green walkway, and international BREEAM green building certification.


This stage included the construction of three apartment buildings along the investment’s central walkway, which spans approx. 10,000 sq. m. and serves as a green axis for the estate, resulting in the creation of an urban sanctuary isolated from noise and traffic and equipped with deckchairs, outdoor picnic sets, recreational areas, playgrounds, and highly acclaimed residential gardens, which were especially appreciated by residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Residents of the Pozytywny Mokotów estate will have access to its internal community garden, where they will be able to plant and care for their own herbs, vegetables and flowers. A total of several dozen nursery containers will be built along the estate, which, in addition providing garden-grown greens for home kitchens and healthy cooking, will foster neighborly relations and provide another outlet for outdoor recreation. We have created a private-public space that emphasizes the sustainable nature of our project. What’s more, electricity will be generated by three local photovoltaic power plants, providing power for each stage of the investment project” – explains Yareal Vice-President Jacek Zengteler.


The second stage of Pozytywny Mokotów has now been commissioned, which means that most of the estate has already been built. The final stage is still under construction, and over 70% of the 232 flats that are to be created have already found buyers. There are still about 60 flats of various sizes on offer, ranging from 2- and 3-room apartments, to larger 4- and 5-room flats with their own private gardens. Pozytywny Mokotów is a green, family-friendly residential estate located in a dynamic area of Warsaw’s Mokotów district – a popular residential location.


Yareal started work on modernizing road infrastructure at the intersection of Postępu and Konstruktorska streets at its own expense even before the completion of the project’s second stage. Local infrastructure improvements include the construction of a new roundabout and roadway, sidewalks, bicycle paths, and new bus stops. Current and future residents’ accessibility to public transport contributed to the project receiving a ‘Very Good’ rating on its BREEAM green building certificate. Yareal ensures that external assessors certify all of its residential investments under the BREEAM scheme, becoming a leader in terms of green building on the Polish market with over 40 certified construction projects. Pozytywny Mokotów is a sustainable investment that takes into account the requirements of the European Union's climate policy, designed to deal with future challenges posed by climate change considering that it was built using particularly durable materials that are resistant to the harmful effects of harsh weather conditions.


The final stage of the investment, which will ultimately consist of 615 apartments in 7 residential buildings, is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2023.


For more information on the investment, as well as on the solutions required for BREEAM green building certification, please visit our website: https://www.yareal.pl/pozytywny-mokotow.


Cloud tenant in the LIXA office complex

Yareal's flagship investment has gained a key tenant who has leased a whopping one third of the recently completed LIXA C office building.


The American company Snowflake, specialising in advanced cloud solutions, has leased an over 7,000 sq. m modern office space in total. After signing a 10-year contract with Snowflake, office building C is already 60% commercialised.


The new headquarters of the Silicon Valley company Snowflake will occupy two floors of the next stage of the LIXA office complex, where specialists from the Warsaw engineering centre will work.


"Snowflake offices will occupy nearly 40 percent of the available space in building C, providing employees with comfortable working conditions and ensuring further dynamic development of the company in Poland. Since the beginning we have envisaged the LIXA project for large, demanding tenants looking for office space with flexible floor layouts enabling any space adaptation. At the same time, we assumed that our investment should be a response to the needs of creating modern workplaces, in bright, spacious premises, surrounded by greenery and buildings created on a human scale. These are the features that distinguish the LIXA complex from the nearby high-rises," said Eric Dapoigny, president of Yareal Polska.


Snowflake specializes in data management based on the most modern cloud computing architecture, supporting the development of over 4,000 global customers using the solutions of the American company.


Snowflake selected LIXA as the ideal location to establish a strategic engineering hub. We will be expanding rapidly in Warsaw and need an office that will help us attract the best engineers and other technical professionals,  be an amazing place for them to work and provide expansion potential to support our growth. LIXA meets all of those objectives and Snowflake is excited to be a part of the LIXA story," said Warrick Taylor, VP Global Real Estate and Workplace.


In negotiations with the developer, Snowflake was represented by experts from the CBRE consulting company.


We are glad that we can support Snowflake in their ambitious plans for the Polish market. I am convinced that the Warsaw office will create the ideal conditions for work and further development of our client's team. From the point of view of the office real estate market, it is also an important signal of Warsaw's unwavering attractiveness for new investors,” said Aleksander Hofman, Director of the Office Space Department at CBRE.


The LIXA complex is the largest office investment in the history of Yareal, being built in the vicinity of Rondo Daszyńskiego in the nearby Wola district. The first two office buildings have been used by tenants for several months, including Yareal, which has established its headquarters in LIXA. The newest building with an area of 20,000 sq. m, which has just been open for use, is already the third office building of the complex which will ultimately consist of 5 buildings with a total area of 77,000 sq. m. The last two office buildings are under preparation, together with another garden and a 150-metre pedestrianised LIXA City Gardens, which will house numerous retail, service, and food outlets. Currently, the commercialisation of the premises built on the promenade is under way – they will diversify the existing offer in the vicinity of the Yareal investment. The mix of LIXA City Gardens tenants will be composed in such a way that they will provide useful services during the day for the employees of the complex, and after the offices close, they will also provide an attractive offer to local residents. After the construction is completed and the service promenade is opened, LIXA tenants will have two green garden yards and terraces with a total area of over half a hectare at their disposal.


Yareal's flagship office investment meets the highest requirements of ecological construction, compliant with the BREEAM certification. For the LIXA complex, designed by the renowned HRA studio, numerous environmentally friendly solutions are provided, ensuring the BREEAM rating at the Excellent level. The investment has also received the WELL Health-Safety certificate confirming the high standard of safety procedures in LIXA buildings, which are particularly important in the conditions of the pandemic that has been unfolding for two years.


For more information on the LIXA complex please visit: https://www.yareal.pl/lixa.


Yareal starts building final stages of LIXA office complex

Yareal is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract with a general contractor responsible for completing the final stages of its flagship office complex, LIXA.


FineTech Construction will build two office buildings with a total area of 29,000 sq. m. near Daszyński Roundabout. So far, nearly 49,000 sq. m. of modern offices have already been developed here at LIXA, including the most-recently commissioned building C, which will soon be ready to welcome its first tenants. Low-rise offices, tenant-friendly scale and open green gardens and terraces spanning over 5,000 sq. m. distinguish LIXA from other high-rises in the area.


General contractor FineTech Construction Sp. z o.o. is a proven Yareal partner with whom the developer is concurrently working on a three-stage housing estate, Pozytywny Mokotów, located near Galeria Mokotów in Warsaw's Służewiec district.


FineTech Construction's commitment to being general contractor for the LIXA project is proof of our good relationship with Yareal and the developer’s trust in our work. Being given the chance to construct two office buildings with a total area of 29,000 sq. m. is a confirmation of our joint satisfaction from working on previous projects. I am convinced that we will contribute to the success of the LIXA complex, giving Yareal the highest ratings for sustainable construction and providing excellent working conditions for future tenants” – says Włodzimierz Bogiel, President of FineTech Construction.


Signing a contract for the construction of two office buildings of this scale was particularly demanding given the current situation in the building materials industry. This is further proof of the solid partnership between our companies. LIXA, the largest investment in Yareal’s history, envisages the creation of an entire city block from scratch and is a combination of flexible and modern office space with useful service points and open public gardens that are sure to enrich the neighborhood. LIXA City Gardens, a promenade with cafes, restaurants, service points and shops, runs through the center of the complex. These businesses will cater to LIXA tenants by day and the area’s residents by night” – adds Yareal President, Eric Dapoigny.


The LIXA project is being carried out in strict accordance with a number of sustainable development principles and ESG standards. Yareal continues to implement energy-saving and environmentally-friendly solutions in its undertakings – including recycling – as was the case for the buildings already completed in LIXA whose façades are made from several hundred tons of recycled aluminum. Additionally, the project is being built with the use of low-emission concrete, which will reduce LIXA’s overall carbon footprint. Openable windows will allow for limited use of air conditioning, and the buildings’ high-speed lifts have been specially designed to recover energy. Moreover, modern LED lighting will be installed throughout the premises, and rainwater will be collected and used to irrigate shrubs, perennials and lawns growing in the public gardens. These open spaces will also feature a pond which will humidify the air with a soothing mist on hot days.


A total of 217 parking spaces will be built in the investment’s underground garage, and some will be equipped with electric vehicle charging stations. The garage will also include bicycle racks, showers and lockers for tenants. As part of the investment, Yareal will also reconstruct part of Kasprzaka Street, outfitting it with urban infrastructure, sidewalks and parking bays, and will also renovate fragments of Giełdowa and Dorożkarska Streets. These construction works will be powered by electricity generated from renewable energy sources.


The LIXA complex is being built in the Wola district, Warsaw’s teeming business center, within walking distance of the Daszyński Roundabout metro station. The three office buildings erected so far were designed by the HRA studio and have already created a campus-like office complex with an open, green courtyard. The complex will be create a new link between Kasprzaka and Giełdowa Streets thanks to a pedestrian passage, next to which construction of LIXA’s final stages is about to begin.


Construction of LIXA, which started in 2019, is scheduled to end at the turn of 2023/2024. All existing buildings have achieved an Excellent rating on their BREEAM green building certification. Buildings D and E were also designed to achieve the same rating. LIXA will also strive for WELL Health-Safety certification, confirming the high standard of safety procedures employed within its buildings. Presently, the first stage of the complex is fully commercialized and the process of acquiring tenants for buildings erected in the second stage is coming to an end.


More information on the LIXA complex can be found at: https://www.yareal.pl/lixa.


LIXA welcomes another major tenant

Cellnex Poland Sp. z o.o., a European leading operator of wireless telecommunications and broadcasting infrastructure, has signed up to join the tenants of LIXA, Yareal’s flagship office project.


Cellnex will occupy 4,500 sq m office in building C, which has been recently completed. At full build-out of the second phase of the development, Yareal added to the Warsaw market 48,000 sq m out of the total 77,000 sq m scheduled for delivery in the LIXA campus complex.


Under its lease, Cellnex will take occupancy of the entire second floor and the office space on the ground floor, accounting for about a quarter of the floor area of LIXA C. The tenant is planning to move into Yareal’s new office building this August.


Cellnex is yet another major tenant to move into LIXA, Yareal’s largest office development. I am confident that the Cellnex team will enjoy a comfortable work experience in the conditions we have created in the low-rise and user-friendly office building with a green courtyard. Flexibility in designing office space tailored to each tenant’s specific requirements has never before been as important as it is today when the pandemic has a lasting effect on how companies operate” - said Marta Zawadzka, Leasing Director, Yareal Polska.


I feel personal satisfaction knowing that the office space and the solutions we implemented in LIXA allow for a full deployment of a safe and comfortable work environment meeting the requirements of existing hygiene protocols” - added Eric Dapoigny, President, Yareal Polska.


Cellnex Telecom is a leading European operator of wireless telecommunications and broadcasting infrastructure. In addition to providing wireless connectivity for mobile network operators and business, Cellnex offers such services as Private Networks and solutions for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things.


When selecting a new office for Cellnex Poland, we were looking for available public transportation network, building’s specifics in line with Cellnex's sustainability goals and a comfortable and modern working environment for our employees. The LIXA spot is located in a dynamically developing district of Warsaw, surrounded by very modern offices. Thanks to its shape, however, it provides an exceptional intimacy. The form of the complex is very friendly. Green gardens offering a space to have a lunch under the open sky, common areas providing the possibility of cooperation and relaxation and useful services located nearby made us decide to choose this particular place. LIXA office was also indicated as a preferred location by our employees, which influenced our decision” - says Małgorzata Rozwałka-Tłok, People Director in Cellnex Poland.


The transaction between Cellnex Poland and Yareal was brokered by global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield.


Cellnex Poland was looking for a modern, campus-like and well-connected office project built to a high technical standard and meeting specific sustainability requirements. We found an ideal location in LIXA C. The new office will certainly help to attract the best talents and provide a springboard for further successful growth of Cellnex in Poland” - said Aleksandra Duda, Senior Negotiator, Cushman & Wakefield.


Our goal is to support clients throughout the leasing process and to recommend solutions that are both feasible and tailored to their individual expectations. The rapidly evolving office market is creating a range of opportunities and risks that must be properly managed. We are pleased that in providing Cellnex with comprehensive real estate support we met all its requirements regarding costs, the quality of space and project turnaround time. We are confident that Cellnex will enjoy an attractive, employee-friendly and safe work environment in its new head office” - said Joanna Blumert, Head of Occupier Services Warsaw, Cushman & Wakefield.


LIXA is being developed in the vicinity of Rondo Daszyńskiego, Warsaw’s City Centre West, which has for several years been the new business centre of the capital. LIXA C is the third of the five planned office buildings of the complex, which is expected to provide a combined area of 77,000 sq m of office space meeting the highest standards of sustainable construction required for BREEAM certification with an Excellent rating. LIXA features unique and diverse designs of the buildings developed in phases and two green courtyards and terraces spanning over half a hectare.


The project will also see completion of a 150-metre long walkway LIXA City Gardens to connect the existing part of the complex and the last two buildings, which will be delivered during the last phase. The alley with meticulously designed greenery, multiple service, retail and F&B outlets will create a public space similar to the walkway in front of Nowogrodzka Square, another office building of the same developer. For being a placemaking project, Nowogrodzka Square was awarded the Grand Prix and the Best Commercial Building Award in the Architectural Award of the Mayor of Warsaw 2019 competition.


For more information on LIXA, please visit: https://www.yareal.pl/lixa.


Yareal – sustainable growth in line with ESG

Yareal has been implementing environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) standards.


Incorporating a systematic approach to its sustainable development will make it easier for the company to undertake further ESG activities as is grows. A rising number of companies are drafting sustainable development strategies in line with ESG pillars, making this a common practice that’s used for verifying a business’s impact on its surroundings.


Designing green investments that are in line with 15-Minute City urban planning concepts, energy efficiency, ethical business practices, maintaining good relations with business partners, and safety as a priority at construction sites – these are just some of the factors that Yareal has implemented in its development strategy. The company is focused on organizing its current activities within the structured ESG (environmental, social, governance) model in order to strengthen its commitment to sustainable development even further in the coming years.


We are installing solar power plants on the roofs of our housing estates, our office projects help tenants reduce their carbon footprint, and nearly 50 of our office and residential buildings have been certified under the BREEAM green building system. Every year, Yareal has raised the bar higher and higher, even in terms of cooperating with our business partners, and also by ensuring fair and optimal working conditions for our teams and our associates. We would like for each of our stakeholders to be able to take a closer look at the results of our efforts” – said Yareal President, Eric Dapoigny.


Yareal is a market leader in terms of the number of BREEAM certified real estate investments in Poland. BREEAM certification confirms the fulfillment of stringent requirements in 10 fields, including such areas as energy efficiency and environmental impact, sustainable purchasing from verified suppliers, as well as water and waste management. For years, Yareal has been perfecting how to optimally utilize raw materials and waste – both at its construction sites and in solutions implemented at its office projects, and most recently in the field of waste recycling. For example, several hundred tons of recycled aluminum were used for the façades of the company’s flagship office investment, LIXA. Moreover, upcycled propellers from decommissioned wind turbines will be used in the construction of one of the company’s housing estates in Warsaw.


Like other leaders in sustainable development, we are implementing a comprehensive ESG program that will allow us to track and confirm the implementation of a number of solutions that our customers and partners expect of us. We want to present all of our partners with the effects of our active engagement in a number of global challenges, including fighting climate change ensuring a diverse and open work culture, or advocating ethical and transparent business practices” – adds Yareal’s Vice President, Jacek Zengteler.


ESG strategy will cover all areas of Yareal's operations, from design through construction, as well as maintenance of already commissioned projects. Although ESG-related factors in Yareal’s investments have long been verified by independent assessors under BREEAM certification, Yareal will now expand their oversight to other areas of the company's operations.