Apartments at Yareal’s Rezydencja Iwicka ready for occupancy

Yareal is about to commission another residential development in Warsaw.

The Rezydencja Iwicka investment, which consists of four cozy urban villas set amongst lush greenery in the heart of the capital’s Lower Mokotów district, are set to become a new home for 88 families. Residents began collecting the keys to their homes at the beginning of the month. Meanwhile, one final mezzanine apartment spanning 135 sq. m. and equipped with a terrace and a large balcony remains on offer.


The development is a brief walk away from the southern entrance to the Łazienki Park, as well as two other parks – Sielecki and Morskie Oko. Its attractive location and an array of modern solutions have ensured Rezydencja Iwicka receives a Very Good rating in the BREEAM green building certification scheme – the highest level awarded to only a handful of residential investments across Poland.


Residents and visitors will enter Rezydencja Iwicka via a shaded walkway with a striking arcade and a representative reception area. Next to it, they’ll find a convenient storage room for courier deliveries, as well as a community clubroom exclusively available to residents. This will be a place for residents to work in during the day or hold social gatherings in the evenings, watch movies or sports matches together, or organize family celebrations. Spanning over 70 sq. m., the clubroom has been fully equipped with a kitchenette, a comfortable bathroom, an immersive cinema coupled with comfortable furniture, and an advanced smart home system which controls the lighting, shades, and the air conditioning” – says Yareal Vice-President Jacek Zengteler.


The investment consists of three courtyards that have been landscaped using large shrubs, climbers and perennials to create a climatic, minimalist garden. Inside, the buildings’ common areas have been finished with veneer, natural stone and other noble materials that create a unique, welcoming aura thanks to their discreet LED lighting.


Yareal’s Rezydencja Iwicka has been fitted with practical and security-enhancing solutions including face and license plate recognition software, and bicycle owners will be able to store their two-wheelers in a convenient cycle storage room. Moreover, some of the parking spaces in the underground garage have been adapted for electric vehicles, with drivers having the option of charging their cars with e-mobility stations equipped with individual electricity meters. All apartment owners receive as standard a smart home technology package from Fibaro, giving them greater control over their electricity consumption, appliances and home security.


As part of the investment, Yareal funded a new running track for students at the Cervantes High School complex, and also carried out renovation works inside the school. Students will also be able to use a new sports field soon, another amenity fully funded by Yareal, with construction scheduled for completion in the fall.


The elegant, four-story urban villas that make up Rezydencja Iwicka were designed by Maas Projekt, with the studio’s architects going to great lengths to adapt the project to the characteristics of neighboring buildings. The investment has been erected near the Łazienki Park in Warsaw's Lower Mokotów district, at the intersection of Iwicka and Krasnolecka Streets, in an area surrounded by rows of towering, aged trees.


For more information on the investment and the green building solutions adopted in accordance with BREEAM certification, please visit:


LIXA sculpture competition decided

The winner of the competition for a sculpture to be erected at the LIXA office complex is Maciej Rembieliński, designer of the piece Harmony of Contrasts.


Maciej is a student at the Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The winner has been offered the opportunity to execute his own sculpture at the LIXA site. The project as a whole is financed by Yareal Polska, developer of the LIXA complex on ul. Kasprzaka in Warsaw’s Wola district.

The competition, addressed to students of the Media Imaging Studio and graduates of the Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, is aimed at creating a large-scale outdoor sculpture designed specifically for the architectural space of the LIXA office campus. The sculpture should blend in with the existing space and form an integral part of the landscape. At the same time, it will act as an identifying element for the site.

There were 23 entries in the competition meeting the eligibility requirements. The entries were evaluated by a jury chaired by Prof. Sławomir Ratajski, dean of the Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The other members of the jury were Stanisław Rewski of the architectural studio HRA Architekci; Wojciech Wagner, deputy director of the Office of Architecture and Spatial Planning of the City of Warsaw; and, from Yareal Polska, CEO Jacek Zengteler and marketing director Olga Prokopiak. The vice-dean of the Faculty of Media Art, Prof. Katarzyna Stanny, was appointed secretary of the competition.

The jury awarded the grand prize to Maciej Rembieliński for his piece titled Harmony of Contrasts. The design of the winning sculpture depicts a balanced relationship between two opposing elements: the subtlety of light and the robustness of steel and concrete. It stands for the balance between the dynamics of the urban landscape and the human quest for harmony. The centrepiece of the sculpture is a chrome-plated steel pipe, representing modernity and technological advancement. Its glossy surface shows the reflections of its surroundings, merging with the space around it. On the pipe, there are three concrete blocks symbolizing the foundation of any great undertaking. The concept of the sculpture expresses not only the aesthetic value of art, but also a message of balance between tradition and modernity, strength and delicacy, stability and dynamism. Harmony of Contrasts encourages reflection on the relationship of humans with the environment and the significance of harmony in the context of today’s corporate life.

Prof. Katarzyna Stanny of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw said: “Collaborating on this sculpture competition was a big challenge for the students in the studio that I run. After a meeting with the representatives of Yareal Polska and receiving the necessary information and materials, we got down to work. During the classes, we talked about the function of urban sculpture and the Wola Biennale of Sculpture (1968), which inspired the competition participants. First they drew conceptual sketches, and later, depending on the designer, they created either a 3D model or a real model. The final stage of the work was to design a board with a presentation of the future sculpture, conceptual description and cost estimate. At every stage of the work, the students enjoyed the support of Yareal regarding information on the implementation possibilities, and had my assistance in the artistic field. There were 27 entries in the competition, 23 of which met the competition requirements. The array of completed mock-ups demonstrated the creativity and talent of the students at the Faculty of Media Art who were invited to take part in this fascinating project, giving young artists the opportunity to appear in public space with a sculpture in front of the LIXA building in Warsaw”. 

In addition to selection of the winning sculpture, the jury named two runners-up, Zofia Jackowska, for the project Homo Viator (third year, first-cycle studies, part-time studies), and Jakub Augustyniak for Sunflowers in Wola (first year, first-cycle studies, part-time studies), students at the Faculty of Media Art, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The runners-up will receive cash prizes, and spatial models of their sculptures will become part of the interior design of the LIXA office complex.

Jacek Zengteler, President of Management Board, Yareal Polska, commented: “We are absolutely impressed by the level of the submitted works and the creativity of the designers. The works showed a diverse approach to the theme of the competition, resulting in designs that each of us can interpret in our own way. We are very pleased that by liaising with the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, we have created conditions for the students to test themselves in a business environment, in which some of them will certainly operate after completing their education. As the developer of the LIXA office complex, we are delighted with the winning sculpture and are already looking forward to its unveiling this autumn”.

The LIXA campus is the largest office project in the history of Yareal Polska. The complex perfectly suits Yareal Polska’s ESG-compliant sustainable development strategy. One of the elements that make LIXA stand out is the LIXA City Gardens concept. It creates a new urban fabric and a unique public space, open for office employees, the local community, guests and clients looking for an interesting place to spend free time and unwind. The LIXA City Gardens concept features numerous retail and food and beverage outlets on the ground floors of the individual buildings (including along the 150-metre public walkway).

During the development of the LIXA complex, Yareal Polska also handled the renovation of the famous sculpture of Marcin Kasprzak, patron of the Radio Works which operated in Warsaw’s Wola district for many years. In consultation with the city authorities, the statue by Aleksander Pawlik was carefully restored and returned to its original location in January 2024.

The LIXA office campus has been developed in stages in the Warsaw business hub in the downtown Wola district, just a short walk from the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station. The campus was designed by the renowned architectural studio HRA Architekci. LIXA comprises five buildings totalling 77,000 m2 of floor space. 

Winning design, Maciej Rembieliński, visualization


Winning design, Maciej Rembieliński, board with visualization

The winning design, Maciej Rembieliński, model

Honorable Mention, Zofia Jackowska

Honorable Mention, Jakub Augustyniak

The competition jury, from the left: Wojciech Wagner, Jacek Zengteler, Olga Prokopiak, Katarzyna Stanny, Sławomir Ratajski, Stanisław Rewski


Yareal Builds New Apartments in Służewiec

Construction has begun on Yareal's latest residential project on Postępu Street in Warsaw's Służewiec.


The developer has signed a contract with the general contractor, Fine Tech Construction. The cascading MOKOPOLIS building will feature over 200 apartments, mainly consisting of the highly sought-after two- and three-room units ranging from 35 to 87 sq. m., with loggias and terraces. This is Yareal's first residential project shaped by consultations with neighboring residents and the local government, resulting from the application of the special housing law. Construction will begin this month.


The final design solutions for MOKOPOLIS, adopted after public consultations, include a public square with landscaped greenery and a designated guest parking area. Additionally, Yareal has allocated over 5 million PLN for the modernization of the nearby branch of Primary School No. 191 on 12 Gruszczyńskiego Street and for preparing an expansion concept. As a result of the special housing law, a sustainable and community-building project will be realized on Postępu Street, contributing to the transformation of the Służewiec district’s office-dominated infrastructure towards more resident-friendly solutions.


"We are building a publicly accessible estate in an area dominated by gated communities, which often restrict residents' daily activities. The cascading building, ranging from 4 to 9 stories, will be centered around a large private courtyard garden, completely free of car traffic. The building's varied height allows for the design of attractive terraces on the upper floors, some nearly 100 sq. m. in size. Additionally, at the back of the building, away from the street noise, we will create a fully furnished green area open to everyone, equipped with a playground and garden furniture made from natural materials. This green area will be part of a larger greenery network extending along the neighboring estates towards Bokserska Street," – explains Jacek Zengteler, President of Yareal.


"MOKOPOLIS is another residential project we will complete for Yareal. We know the developer's requirements well, having gathered extensive experience from previous projects, ensuring smooth project execution. This is particularly true regarding adherence to high environmental standards associated with BREEAM green building certification, which is a core value for both Yareal and FineTech Construction," – emphasizes Włodzimierz Bogiel, President of FineTech Construction.


The renowned WWAA studio prepared MOKOPOLIS's architectural design, which directly references the surrounding architecture and the district's industrial heritage. The architects ensured that Yareal's investment would harmonize with the neighboring hotel structure through a facade featuring a gently undulating, repetitive motif of a distinctive light frame, highlighted by the openwork railings of residential loggias.


MOKOPOLIS will feature over 200 high-standard apartments, mainly two- and three-room units, with studio apartments and large family units up to 120 sq. m. also available. All units will have loggias or terraces, and some ground-floor apartments with an above-standard height of 3.25 meters will have private gardens ranging from a few to over 130 sq. m. The ground floor facing Postępu Street will house eight commercial units, including one designed for dining purposes. Residents' cars will be parked in a two-level underground garage with 256 spaces. Following community consultations, a separate guest parking area for 18 cars, with its own stairwell for convenient ground-floor access, was included in the underground part of the building.


By agreement with the district authorities, Yareal will allocate over 5 million PLN for the development and modernization of the nearby branch of Primary School No. 191 on 12 Gruszczyńskiego Street. This investment in the district’s educational infrastructure results from the application of the special housing law. Thanks to these agreements, the school's growing needs can be met in future development projects in the district.


Like all other Yareal development projects, MOKOPOLIS will undergo a thorough audit for sustainable solutions as part of the international BREEAM green certification system. The investment will use low-emission concrete and will be equipped with its own solar power plant, which will provide free energy for the community. The final BREEAM rating of Very Good will be ensured through solutions such as the installation of optional electric vehicle chargers in the parking garage or a system that recovers energy from modern, energy-efficient elevators.


For more information about MOKOPOLIS, visit the project website:


New brands in LIXA City Gardens

The Rico restaurant, the Ramenownia ramen place and LunaSkin beauty parlour are the three brands to have joined the tenant roster of the LIXA City Gardens retail concept


The Rico restaurant, the Ramenownia ramen place and LunaSkin beauty parlour are the three brands to have joined the tenant roster of the LIXA City Gardens retail concept, which has been arranged in the LIXA office complex near Warsaw’s Daszyński Roundabout. Yareal Polska, based on new agreements, has leased over 550 m2 of modern service and retail space.

The Rico is a reputable and highly popular Warsaw restaurant offering tex-mex cuisine. Its brand new version (once it moves from Al. Jana Pawła II) will open up for guests at the turn of 2024/2025 in LIXA City Gardens. The restaurant will occupy premises of 318 m2 in the LIXA D building from the public walkway.

In addition, LIXA D will house Ramenownia, which will open in November 2024. The entrance to the restaurant will be located from the side of Giełdowa street. Ramenownia is a culinary concept originated in Łódź. It stands apart for its unique approach to traditional Japanese ramen using the highest quality ingredients, including noodles made from a special blend of flours imported from Japan. The restaurant will occupy nearly 100 m2 and will be the first premises of the Ramenownia brand in Warsaw.

It is LIXA City Gardens that will house the first LunaSkin beauty parlour in Poland. The brand offers dedicated solutions in laser hair removal and body contouring, among others. LunaSkin, widely recognized in the Baltic countries, Latvia and Estonia, will start its operations in Poland in September 2024. Its beauty parlour employing сutting-edge technologies will be arranged on 133 m2 of space in LIXA E, from the side of Kasprzaka street.

Since the very beginning of our works on the LIXA concept, it has been our aim to create a space providing not only modern and highest quality work environment for the tenants, but also helping to integrate the local community by offering them a place to meet and spend their free time. We are truly pleased that our bespoke retail concept LIXA City Gardens is so popular with new tenants. They enrich and at the same time perfectly complement the offer of our complex, including F&B as well as the retail and service outlets. We are proud that LIXA City Gardens attracts brands with long-standing presence on the capital’s market, looking for development opportunities, as well as those making their debut in Warsaw and even in Poland,’ said Marta Zawadzka, Leasing Director at Yareal Polska.

LIXA City Gardens creates a new urban fabric and a unique public space, open for both the office employees, local community and guests along with clients looking for an interesting place to spend their free time and unwind. The concept features 4,000 m2 of modern space on the ground floors of the individual buildings (including along the 150-metre-long public walkway) dedicated to numerous retail and food and beverage outlets. The commercialization of the LIXA City Gardens concept is coming to an end, and Yareal Polska is currently finalizing the last lease agreements.

The LIXA office campus was built in stages in the Warsaw business hub in the close Wola district, just a short walking distance from the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station. The campus was designed by the renowned architectural studio HRA Architekci. Buildings of LIXA office campus are certified with an Excellent rating under the BREEAM green building system. In addition, the LIXA development was awarded the WELL Health-Safety certificate, confirming its high standard of safety procedures. LIXA is also committed to the highest quality of digital connectivity and smart technology in the buildings, as documented by certification according to WiredScore criteria (the LIXA C building has been awarded this prestigious technology certificate at the highest Platinum level). Furthermore, LIXA C, D and E buildings are currently in the AirRated and Active Score certification process. The LIXA complex comprises five buildings totalling 77,000 m2.


Construction begins on the penultimate phase of SOHO by Yareal in Warsaw's Kamionek district

Construction of the fourth and penultimate phase of the SOHO by Yareal development in Warsaw's Kamionek district has begun.


This phase includes the construction of two high-standard apartment buildings, which will complete the SOHO development line along Żupnicza Street. Additionally, a more secluded apartment building will be built, with windows opening directly onto the investment’s central, linear park. By the end of 2025, nearly 300 apartments with commercial premises on the ground floor will be completed within the Yareal complex. Kalter has been selected as the general contractor for the project.


Two new buildings, named SOHO 10 and SOHO 12, are set to be constructed on the last undeveloped part of the SOHO plot along Żupnicza Street. These buildings will complete the streetscape with their Corten steel finishes and unique decorative patterns. The façade of the apartment building that faces the park will feature clinker brick, which will resemble the neighboring RUBIN apartment building and the site's industrial heritage. The SOHO by Yareal multifunctional complex is being built amidst former industrial buildings that housed factories and various production facilities for over a century. The complex now includes a 300-meter-long, fully landscaped linear park that connects the new and historic structures. This park, which opened at the end of last year, forms the green heart of SOHO, featuring thousands of plants, over 100 trees, squares, mounds, and benches.


The apartments in our flagship project have attracted considerable interest, further heightened last autumn by the opening of the newly created park, which acts as a natural, green hub for the entire multifunctional complex. In the month since we began sales in SOHO 12, nearly 25% of the apartments have already found buyers. And we are just starting construction” – explains Jacek Zengteler, President of Yareal.


The varied heights of the buildings in SOHO by Yareal have led to the creation of cascading terraces that provide scenic views of both the park and the internal garden courtyards from the upper floors. The fourth phase of the development offers a diverse range of apartments, including cozy studio units and expansive 170 sq.m. penthouses with breathtaking four-direction views and verdant terraces. Later this year, the final boutique apartment building, located directly beside the park, will make available for sale 17 beautiful apartments.


SOHO by Yareal is a mixed-use complex that combines residential spaces with green recreational areas, a wide range of services, and dining options in dozens of rental units situated along the park's green axis. The linear park, which has been accessible to the public since last year, aims to meet most of the needs of its residents and visitors following the "15-minute city" concept. SOHO by Yareal has been designed with pedestrians and cyclists in mind, and has eliminated car traffic by redirecting it to several underground garages. The green spaces are equipped with a water retention system that collects rainwater in underground tanks, which then feeds an automatic irrigation system for the lawns and over 17,000 shrubs, perennials, grasses, and trees that are interwoven with the new and historical architecture. The final phase of the investment includes the renovation and repurposing of historic post-industrial buildings.


Around 900 families residing in the SOHO by Yareal apartments and homes will have access to a range of trade, service, and dining offerings, such as restaurants and cafés. The development spans across 5 hectares and is bordered by Mińska, Chodakowska, Żupnicza, and Bliska Streets. Skaryszewski Park, one of Warsaw's largest parks with Kamionkowski Lake, and the Warszawa Wschodnia Railway Station are located nearby. Also, the third metro line station, "Mińska," is set to begin construction in 2028 near Mińska, Podskarbińska, and Stanisławowska Streets, just a few minutes walk away. The SOHO by Yareal urban project has been awarded the first-ever BREEAM Communities certificate in Poland, thanks to its sustainable solutions, such as using low-emission concrete and exclusively renewable energy sources. The project was developed after consultations with the heritage conservation officer, local authorities, and the community.


Kalter, a general contractor with 20 years' experience in residential developments, has been selected as the contractor for the fourth phase of the development. Over the past eight years, Kalter has built almost 500 flats for Yareal in three developments in Mokotow, Saska Kępa and Wilanów.


For more information about SOHO by Yareal, please visit the project's website:


LIXA D welcomes a new office tenant

A dynamically growing fintech company has leased nearly 2,600 m2 of office space in the LIXA D building, which is being erected as part of an office complex near the Warsaw’s Daszyński Roundabout.


The new tenant will occupy over 25% of the building’s commercial space.

I am very pleased with signing the lease. It means that another new technology company, occupying as much as 25% of the LIXA D building, has joined our tenant roster. Closing of this transaction proves that the LIXA complex meets the expectations of the most demanding clients. During the negotiation process, we were focused on the tenant’s needs, which translated into efficient closure of the deal and reaching an agreement. We are looking forward for our new tenant to move into its newly finished office. This is clear evidence that the LIXA development meets the highest standards in terms of space arrangement, technical equipment and location, as well as the offer of the service and retail outlets located on the ground floor of the buildings,’ said Marta Zawadzka, Leasing Director at Yareal Polska.

The offices of the new tenant in LIXA D will be arranged on 2,600 m2 of space located on
the 4th and 5th floor of the building. The company will move into the office building at the end of 2024.

The LIXA D office building is the last building being erected as part of the largest office complex in the Yareal Polska’s portfolio. It is being developed on the west side of the publicly accessible LIXA City Gardens walkway, tying the entire complex together. LIXA D will deliver nearly 10,000 m2 of modern office space to the Warsaw market and will be ready to welcome tenants at the turn of the Q1 and Q2 of 2024.

The LIXA D building fits perfectly with Yareal Polska’s ESG-compliant sustainable development strategy. The project is powered by electricity from renewable sources. In addition, some of the environmentally-friendly, energy-saving solutions applied in the development include low-emission concrete and low-carbon recycled aluminium aimed at reducing the carbon footprint, and rainwater collection to irrigate vegetation. LIXA D as well as other parts of the complex will feature tilt windows, which will allow access to fresh air and, at the same time, help limit the use of air conditioning. What is more, high-speed energy recovery elevators, as well as modern LED lighting will be installed in LIXA D.

The underground part of the last stage of LIXA (including LIXA D and E buildings), which is under construction right next to a representative pedestrian walkway forming a new passage between Kasprzaka and Giełdowa streets, will have a total of 217 parking spaces. Some of them will be equipped with electric car chargers. Racks as well as showers and lockers are provided for tenants biking to work.

The LIXA office campus is being developed in stages in the Warsaw business hub in the centre-adjacent part of the Wola district, just a short walking distance from the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station. The campus was designed by a renowned architectural studio HRA Architekci. Both the existing buildings and the LIXA D office building under construction are certified under the BREEAM green building system, with an Excellent rating. In addition, the LIXA development was awarded the WELL Health-Safety certificate, confirming its high standard of safety procedures. Once the LIXA D office building is completed, LIXA will form a complex of five buildings with a total area of 77,000 m2.


More companies choose LIXA E

A leading manufacturer of aluminum systems in Europe, Aluprof SA, has joined the tenant roster in the LIXA E building.


The 340 m2 of modern space located on the ground floor of the building will house the company’s office and Aluprof’s first showroom in Warsaw. The LIXA E building has also been chosen by the medical communications agency Unique Work for its new headquarters. The company has leased nearly 285 m2 of space, also on the ground floor. Next to the company’s office, there will be a state-of-the-art recording studio. The newest office building of Yareal Polska’s flagship investment is already more than 70% commercialized.

The LIXA E office building was erected as part of an office campus near the Daszyński Roundabout in Warsaw. It was developed on the west side of the public walkway LIXA City Gardens, tying together the entire LIXA complex, which will ultimately consist of five buildings with a total area of 77,000 m2. The LIXA E building has delivered nearly 18,000 m2 of modern office space to the Warsaw market.

We are very pleased to have entered into more agreements at LIXA E and are happy to welcome Aluprof SA and Unique Work among the tenants of our office project. These companies being attracted to LIXA and their planned space arrangements depict perfectly well the multi-functionality of our complex. Very well-connected, with excellent visitor accessibility and exposure, it is an ideal location not only for traditional offices, but also for spaces such as a showroom or recording studio. I am confident that our new tenants will appreciate the comfortable environment offered by LIXA for business development,” said Marta Zawadzka, Leasing Director at Yareal Polska.

Aluprof SA is part of Grupa Kęty SA. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum systems in Europe. It has subsidiaries in several European countries, as well as in the United States. With more than 70 years of experience, Aluprof SA has continuously been accommodating more than 1,900 clients from various industries.

The ground floor of LIXA E will be home to Aluprof SA’s office and the first Warsaw showroom for this recognized brand. It will be a place where architects, manufacturers and clients alike will have the opportunity to see Aluprof products in attractive arrangements. The lease agreement for 340 m2 of space in the LIXA E office building was signed for seven years. Brookfield Partners advised the tenant in the negotiation process.

The leading medical communications agency Unique Work has also chosen LIXA E. The company has many years of market experience and specializes in comprehensive marketing services for entities in the medical, pharmaceutical or Healthcare & Beauty sectors.

Unique Work has leased premises of 285 m2 in area at LIXA. They will house the company’s office and a state-of-the-art recording studio. Unique Work was advised in the negotiations with Yareal Polska by Patron Brokers, and the lease agreement was entered into for five years.

The LIXA E building was delivered in January 2024; like the remaining parts of the complex, it was completed in accordance with a sustainability strategy that puts ESG standards at the forefront. During the construction of the office building, only electricity from renewable sources (onshore wind farms) was used. The same sources of energy will power the building during its operation later on. Among others, low-carbon concrete for the entire structure as well as recycled low-carbon aluminum on the façades of the complex were used. In addition, the office building is designed with openable windows, which will reduce the use of air conditioning while still providing fresh air; high-speed energy recovery passenger lifts were installed inside the building, along with modern LED lighting. Rainwater will be collected to irrigate shrubs, perennials and lawns in public gardens. An ornamental pond will be created in the courtyard, where water mist will be sprayed on hot days.

The LIXA office campus is being developed in stages in the Warsaw business hub in the Wola district near the city centre, just a short walking distance from the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station. The campus was designed by the renowned architectural studio HRA Architekci. Both the existing buildings and the last LIXA D office building under construction are certified under the BREEAM green building system, with an Excellent rating. In addition, the LIXA development was awarded the WELL Health-Safety certificate, confirming its high standard of safety procedures.


Yareal's world

The entire investment, including the buildings, the usable space around them and the surroundings, has been designed to provide the residents with maximum comfort of use.

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The winner of the competition for a sculpture to be erected at the LIXA office complex is Maciej Rembieliński, designer of the piece Harmony of Contrasts.

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Yareal Polska is a long-established, quality-leading real estate development company specialising in the high-end residential and apartment segment. The company has a strong capital position

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ESG is one of the key terms for real estate developer projects which directly impacts the management and corporate responsibility of the business.

Sustainable development has been one of the foundations of Yareal's growth from the very beginning. We are aware of the great responsibility arising from new projects and functions which define the conditions and comfort of living in the city for decades to come.

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