Warsaw’s Wspólna 47/49 office building fully leased

Yareal Polska has completed the commercialisation of Wspólna 47/49 boutique office building.

In 2022, the company leased out more than 4,000 sqm. of available office space, with Enervigo Energy, Foundation for Ukraine, and a representative of the European institutions sector added to the building’s tenant roster. This means that the building, located in the very heart of Warsaw, at the junction of Wspólna and Marszałkowska streets, is now 100% leased.


Wspólna 47/49 is an eight-storey, human-scale office building with approximately 7,800 sqm. of office space. Wspólna 47/49 is the first project where Yareal Polska is acting as asset manager on behalf of YAM Invest. This project falls within the strategy of Yareal to develop third-party asset management business.


Last year saw intensive asset management activity and the re-commercialisation of Wspólna 47/49 office building. Given the challenging macroeconomic environment, this was a formidable task. I am really pleased that our strategy has worked well and today we are proudly announcing the substantial success of attracting new tenants and fully leasing the building. In Wspólna 47/49 office building, we offered our clients a lot of flexibility in the choice of spaces and contract types: here we use the so-called rolling contracts, which are rare on the market. This ensures that companies have much more freedom in terms of planning their future and developing their business than in the case of standard long-term lease commitments,’ said Marta Zawadzka, Leasing Director at Yareal Polska.


In addition to 7,800 sqm. of office space, the tenants of Wspólna 47/49 office building can use a three-storey underground car park for 125 vehicles, a bicycle room, and two terraces on the top floors of the building. In the immediate vicinity of the building there are countless retail and service outlets, restaurants, and vibrant entertainment infrastructure (theatres, cinemas, museums).


The location is one of the greatest assets of Wspólna 47/49 development. The office building is at the corner of Wspólna and Marszałkowska streets, with instant access to all means of public transport (metro station, bus and tram stops, city bike stations, and the Central Railway Station). The proximity of one of the city’s main transport hubs at Aleje Jerozolimskie means that it is not only easy to reach the offices by public transport but also by car.


BREEAM In-Use certificates were issued to the building in Asset Performance and Building Management categories at 'Excellent' and 'Very Good' levels, respectively. The advantages of Wspólna 47/49 have long been appreciated by well-known Polish and international companies, with LabCorp, OneSystem, Trei Real Estate, Datalogic or 4VC, to name a few, among its tenants.


SOHO by Yareal: construction commences for third stage of development in Warsaw’s Kamionek district

The third stage of the SOHO by Yareal investment project in Warsaw's Kamionek district will include two residential buildings containing 14 apartments and 132 higher-standard flats.


Also, work on a 300-meter-long, fully landscaped park which runs through the center of the estate will be completed later this year. At the turn of the year, Yareal will hand over the keys to new SOHO residents, who will move into four apartment buildings by the linear park which were constructed during the project’s second stage.


SPLENDOR, a four-story apartment building, will be built on Mińska Street as part of the project’s third phase of construction. Its elegant architecture will be accentuated by a restored historic wall – a testament to the area’s industrial history, pieces of which are being preserved thanks to SOHO by Yareal. SPLENDOR will include 14 exclusive apartments. Its façade will be covered with brick tiles, thanks to which the building will blend in with its post-industrial surroundings and the neighborhood’s characteristic pre-war tenements. SPENDOR's upper floors will feature striking two-story balconies with views of the estate’s revitalized green courtyard. Sales of apartments in SPLENDOR will commence before this year’s summer vacation.


KARDAN, the second of the two residential buildings, is a modern, U-shaped apartment complex with an open courtyard. It too will feature an elegant brick tile façade, this time with tall Portfenetr-type windows and openwork details. White walls lining its inner courtyard will serve as a counterpoint to its industrial, brick-like façade. KARDAN will include 132 flats. At present, over 30% of these have already found buyers.


“We are moving forward with the construction of the third stage of SOHO by Yareal, approaching the halfway point of this flagship development in Warsaw's Kamionek district. In the coming months, our focus will be on completing the linear park – the heart of this development – which will agglomerate the life of the entire urban quarter. The linear park, which will consist of over 17,000 plants and 100 trees, will form a green axis that cuts through SOHO by Yareal, providing residents with beautiful views from the windows of their new apartments, as well as giving them access to recreational areas and playgrounds. This greenery will become the most immediate surrounding of dozens of commercial premises; including restaurants, cafés, stores, and service outlets that will welcome and cater to customers throughout the complex. SOHO by Yareal was designed with the 15-Minute City urban planning concept in mind, with residents and guests being able to fulfill most of their needs on the spot. Motor vehicle traffic will be limited throughout the complex, which has been adapted to pedestrian and bicycle traffic instead” – explains Jacek Zengteler, Yareal CEO.


The ground floor of the SPLENDOR building will include two commercial units, one of which will be accessible from Mińska Street. Its entrance will lead through a historic, post-industrial red brick wall which will be restored in accordance with the recommendations of a historic preservation officer. Next to it, an entrance ramp covered in live greenery will lead to the complex’s underground garage, which will include 138 parking spaces for residents of both buildings, along with an additional 37 spaces for guests of the acclaimed Warszawa Wschodnia restaurant, which is located next Yareal’s investment.


The entire ground floor of the KARDAN building, as well as part of its first floor facing the inside of the complex, will be available for commercial purposes. Glass storefronts will line the interiors of two public passages – one which will run north-south, with the other running east-west. These will intersect in the courtyard to create a communal area. KARDAN’s uppermost floor will feature exclusive apartments, 3.5 meters in height and with spectacular windows leading to large, open terraces.


Upon completion, SOHO by Yareal will become a new welcoming home for approx. 900 families. The investment will serve as an open public center, making it a residential, retail and service hub with lush greenery and plenty of attractions ready to cater to the needs of both residents and guests. The park will feature recreational areas with hills and natural playgrounds that will be irrigated with rainwater collected and distributed by a specially designed, environmentally friendly water retention system. The entire complex will consist of a dozen or so buildings surrounded by numerous squares, plazas and alleys that will create a cozy atmosphere so characteristic of the capital’s Praga district.


SOHO by Yareal is being built in line with modern green building regulations and stringent requirements for BREEAM certification. The project has also obtained BREEAM Communities certification – one of the first investments on the Polish market to do so – a confirmation that it meets the highest standards in urban design and was developed together with, i.a. the local government and the area’s historic preservation officers and conservators. The estate’s construction process utilizes low-emission concrete, which was used to fabricate the structural elements of both of the abovementioned residential buildings. The use of low-emission concrete helped reduce the construction site’s emissions by as much as 728 tons of CO2 – this is equivalent to carbon emissions per passenger emitted by 112 flights between Warsaw and New York, or approx. as much as is released in the preparation of 142 million cups of tea*. SOHO by Yareal will also include green roofs and water infiltration wells for better rainwater management.

The project was designed by the renowned HRA studio and the general contractor is UNIBEP S.A.


For more information on SOHO by Yareal, please visit:

* Own estimates


LIXA E with construction nearing the finish line!

Construction of the final stage of the LIXA office campus in Warsaw is entering its final phase.


The symbolic topping-out wreath has been hoisted on the LIXA E building to mark the reaching of the highest construction point. On the other hand, in the LIXA D building intensive works are underway to erect the final floors. The LIXA D and E office buildings, under development as part of Yareal Polska flagship investment, will offer a total of more than 28,000 sqm. of leasable space and will be ready to welcome tenants in Q2 and Q1 of 2024, respectively.


LIXA is the largest office project in Yareal’s history. The final stage of this development, office buildings D and E, are being erected on the west side of the publicly accessible LIXA City Gardens walkway, tying the entire complex together. FineTech Construction Sp. z o.o. is the general contractor. The first elements of the facade, which is a continuation of the architectural tenets from previous stages, have already appeared on the LIXA E building. On the other hand, in the LIXA D building, located directly at the LIXA City Gardens arcade, works are underway to bring up the 5th and 6th floors. LIXA E will deliver nearly 18,000 sqm. to the Warsaw market, and LIXA D will provide more than 10,000 sqm. of modern office space.


We are very pleased today to celebrate the reaching of another milestone in the development of LIXA. In choosing FineTech Construction Sp. z o.o. as the general contractor for the final stage of our investment, we have relied on a proven partner. Thanks to our cooperation, we are implementing the extremely demanding construction schedule for buildings D and E perfectly. The fast pace of construction works and the excellent benchmark provided by the existing buildings on our campus translate into strong interest in the space in the office buildings under construction. LIXA is not just about a modern working environment. Above all, it is a project where we take care of the well-being of its users through numerous solutions setting new standards in the office market,’ said Jacek Zengteler, President of Management Board at Yareal Polska.


The traditional and symbolic hoisting of the topping-out wreath marks the completion of the construction stage in the LIXA E building, which is of utmost importance for the entire project. Since the works began in the second quarter of 2022, it has been an exemplary development. The project is being implemented extremely smoothly, and construction progress is visible week by week. We are pleased that the next stage of LIXA will soon be ready to welcome the tenants,’ commented Włodzimierz Bogiel, Chairman of the Board at FineTech Construction.


LIXA fits perfectly with Yareal Polska ESG-compliant sustainable development strategy. Just like in the previous stages of this office campus, environmentally friendly energy-saving solutions are being applied in the construction of buildings D and E. The construction is powered by electricity from renewable sources, i.e. onshore wind farms. In line with the principles of sustainable construction, low-emission concrete is also used, which will reduce CO2 emissions by 3,031 tons, equivalent to the emissions generated by 250 airplane flights between Warsaw and New York. In addition, low-carbon recycled aluminium is being used during the construction of the entire LIXA complex, which will reduce  CO2 emissions by another 2,358 tons in the perspective of the investment process.


In addition, the tilt windows designed for the LIXA D and E office buildings will allow limited use of air conditioning; high-speed energy recovery elevators, as well as modern LED lighting will be installed inside the buildings. Rainwater will be collected and used to irrigate shrubs, perennials and lawns growing in both public gardens. A decorative pond will be made in the courtyard, around which water mist will be sprayed on hot days. The underground part of the final stage of LIXA, which is being developed right next to the eye-catching pedestrian walkway forming a new passage between Kasprzaka and Giełdowa streets, will have a total of 217 parking spaces. Some of them will be equipped with electric car chargers. Bike racks are also provided, as well as showers and lockers for tenants.


The LIXA office campus is being built in stages in the business heart of Warsaw, in Wola district near the city centre, a short walk from the Rondo Daszyńskiego subway station. It was designed by the distinguished HRA Architekci studio. Both the existing buildings and the LIXA D and E office buildings under construction are certified under the BREEAM green building system, with an Excellent rating. The LIXA project will also include the WELL Health-Safety rating to confirm that the complex meets high requirements for safety standards and procedures. Once the last two office buildings are delivered, LIXA will form a complex of five buildings with a total area of 77,000 sqm.


Yareal: many takers for Bemowo apartments near new metro station

Half of all apartments built by Yareal in Warsaw’s Bemowo district have already found new owners.


The first of NEOWO’s two urban blocks is currently being built in the vicinity of the Chrzanów metro station, which is also under construction, and the estate’s new residents will move into 164 high-standard apartments at the beginning of 2025. The residential complex will be equipped with its own solar power plant and will also be the first in Poland to feature upcycled wind turbine propellers as street furniture. Low-emission concrete will also be used for construction.


NEOWO is Yareal's first investment in the capital’s Bemowo district. Construction is presently underway on market-popular compact apartments with gardens, loggias, terraces and top-floor mezzanines. NEOWO will consist of two urban blocks and a large, green courtyard with recreation and leisure areas equipped with e.g. a children's playground and community gardens. The latter is an increasingly common, metropolitan form of sustainable cultivation as residents will be able to grow their own plants, flowers, or vegetables and herbs for home cooking. Additionally, the roof of NEOWO’s first residential building will include a sunny terrace fitted with potted plants and recreational equipment.


The most popular apartments built as part of the first stage of NEOWO include two- and three-bedroom flats that span between 31 – 75 sq. m. Our housing offer in Bemowo, which also includes larger apartments, has been prepared for buyers who are looking for highly popular medium-sized apartments. These are often purchased in well-connected locations by families that want to move and improve their current housing conditions. The nearby expressway and the Chrzanów station of Warsaw’s II metro line, which is currently under construction nearby, provide excellent connections to the rest of the city. We have also made sure that our planning is bicycle-friendly – NEOWO will offer a total of 160 bicycle parking spaces located along its green courtyard and in the underground garage. That’s almost as many parking spaces as we plan to create for cars” – explains Yareal’s President, Jacek Zengteler.


Construction works are currently focused on the building’s foundations and underground areas. Along with the investment’s first stage, Yareal will also construct part of a public square that will lead to the entrance of the Chrzanów metro station. This 300-meter-long green axis, which will connect the underground station with the intersection of Lazurowa and Człuchowska Streets, will be open to both NEOWO residents and the public and will be fitted with street furniture made from upcycled wind turbine propellers. Last year, the first pieces of this original urban infrastructure were installed near Yareal’s sales office, which is located next to the NEOWO construction site.


Yareal’s NEOWO project brings architectural order to a district dominated by linear housing estates, most often built on agricultural plots, by creating an urban residential block with a more convenient and resident-friendly layout that ensures improved and more efficient transportation near the area’s metro station. The sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions found throughout the investment, including an internal photovoltaic plant and street furniture from upcycled wind turbine parts, have ensured the NEOWO estate a BREEAM green building certificate. Real estate developer Yareal leads the industry in terms of obtaining sustainable building certification for its projects – more than 40 buildings erected by the developer have received “Good” or “Very Good” ratings in the international BREEAM green building system.


More information on NEOWO and Yareal's green solutions can be found on the website:


Yareal starts construction of NEOWO – a new residential estate by Warsaw’s II metro line

Construction of the first phase of Yareal’s NEOWO estate in Warsaw's Bemowo district is to begin soon.


The investment is located just three hundred meters from the planned Chrzanów metro station, at the intersection of Człuchowska and Lazurowa Streets. This high-standard residential complex – which will be equipped with its own solar power plant, thanks to which residents will be able to save on electricity bills – will become a new home for 163 families. This will be the first residential estate in Poland to feature upcycled wind turbine propellers as street furniture.


CFE has been chosen as the project’s general contractor. Along with the investment’s first stage, the developer will also construct part of a public square that will lead to the entrance of the Chrzanów metro station. This 300-meter-long green axis, which will be open to both NEOWO residents and the public, will be fitted with street furniture made from upcycled wind turbine propellers. The first pieces have already been installed near Yareal’s sales office in the Bemowo district.


NEOWO will bring urban and architectural order to a district that is still in the process of settling into its conclusive urban fabric. Our project will be built alongside construction of the Chrzanów station of Warsaw’s II metro line, which is to be completed in three years’ time. NEOWO residents will not only live in a modern and well-designed housing estate, but they will also benefit from having an ecological and convenient means of urban transport at their doorstep – the Warsaw metro – which will be located right next door, by Rayskiego Street. This proximity of sustainable public transportation and an array of other ecological solutions, such as an internal solar power plant, have ensure a Very Good rating on the investment’s BREEAM green building certificate; the highest rating that has so far been awarded to only a handful of residential developments across Poland” – said Yareal Vice President, Jacek Zengteler.


NEOWO will feature popular apartment sizes ranging from 31 – 75 sq. m. available in either one- or two-bedroom layouts. Upper floors will include apartments with spacious mezzanines, effectively increasing their area by nearly 30 sq. m. There will also be a few 4-bedroom apartments at the estate, spanning 80 – 95 sq. m, as well as two 125-sq.m. 5-room apartments with large balconies. A majority of NEOWO’s future residents are young families that are looking to improve their current living conditions.


The roof of NEOWO’s first residential building will include a sunny terrace with potted plants and recreational equipment. Outside, there will be an internal courtyard with plenty of greenery and shaded bicycle racks. Even more bicycle racks will be installed underground, meaning NEOWO will include up to 160 bicycle parking spaces. The green courtyard will become a meeting place for residents and will be fitted with a playground and a recreational area with garden furniture. The garden will be both recreational and social, as well as utilitarian, as residents will have flower boxes at their disposal to grow their own plants, flowers, or vegetables and herbs for home cooking. Such community gardens are a popular feature of many modern housing developments, including Yareal's Pozytywny Mokotów estate.


The underground garage will have a total of 170 parking spaces, about half of which will be primed to accommodate private EV charging stations. E-mobility infrastructure will also include 12 parking spaces with ready-for-use EV chargers. NEOWO will become another Yareal investment to include its own solar power plant, helping residents save on communal expenses such as electricity costs for lighting used in the underground garage.


Like all of Yareal's residential developments, NEOWO will undergo rigorous BREEAM green building certification. Yareal is a leader in green construction in Poland and has so far completed over 40 residential, housing and offices buildings that have undergone green building certification.


More information on NEOWO and Yareal's green solutions can be found on the investment project’s partners' websites:


Yareal constructing apartments on hilltop overlooking Gdańsk

ODEA Park, Yareal's latest investment project in the Tricity, will include five apartment buildings with a stunning view of Gdańsk's historic Main City, located just 1.6 km away.


The real estate developer is currently building 120 apartments on Legnicka Street, which runs parallel to the larger Powstańców Warszawskich Street, opposite Wzgórze Focha in a quiet area of the Siedlce district. Finetech Construction, a company which has already completed several residential and office projects for Yareal, has been chosen as the general contractor for this project.


Finetech Construction is expected to complete construction of ODEA Park in the fall of 2024. The project was prepared by architects from Tricity-based Arch-Deco studio, which specializes in designing modern, high-quality apartment buildings. ODEA Park, which is located on the border of Gdańsk’s Downtown and Siedlce districts, is being built on a green hilltop at the end of cozy Legnicka Street. To protect neighbors from construction-related inconveniences, Yareal set up a separate access road to the site dedicated for trucks for the duration of construction. In doing so, it avoided clogging up Legnicka Street with heavy traffic, preserving its priceless, pre-war cobblestone.


ODEA Park’s unique location required we take an unconventional approach to its construction. Powstańców Warszawskich Street, which provides an excellent link with Gdansk’s city center and the city’s other districts, is located right nearby – just a few dozen meters from our investment. ODEA Park is being built on a sizable hill and above street level. And although the place located quite far away from other buildings and will soon provide future residents with breathtaking views of the city skyline, such conditions require that we take appropriate steps to protect the neighborhood and its residents. This is why we created an alternative access road to the construction site, agreeing on its route together with the project’s neighbors, city authorities, as well as with the French Embassy, which granted us access through the French Military Cemetery” – said Yareal’s Tri-City Regional Director, Katarzyna Rauber.


ODEA Park will be built on the area’s native ground level, so its apartments will be built on ground that is much higher than their surroundings. In light of this, Yareal will create a series of rain gardens around the investment.


"ODEA Park is another project implemented by us for Yareal, after the Pozytywny Mokotów housing estate in Warsaw and the LIXA office complex in Warsaw’s Wola district. We have a lot of experience with ambitious development projects, which is why we are even more satisfied with another investment of this type, this time in Gdańsk. ODEA Park is an extremely interesting project, not only because of the architecture of the buildings, the construction solutions used, but also the place where they are built. The awareness of respecting the place where we carry out projects is an expression of care for the natural environment, which is always inscribed in our company DNA, and ODEA Park perfectly expresses this idea" - adds Finetech Construction’s CEO, Włodzimierz Bogiel.


ODEA Park will not be fenced. Instead, the open housing estate will mark its boundaries using existing greenery and new plantings. The estate itself will include an additional building with a fully equipped common area for residents. Recreational areas and bicycle racks, as well as a playground, will be fitted between its apartment buildings. Residents will also be able to store their bicycles in several storage rooms in underground garages. Access to ODEA Park will be facilitated through several public transportation connections, as bus stops and a nearby streetcar line are within walking distance.


Upon completion, ODEA Park will consist of five cozy residential buildings with underground garages, which will house 120 families in apartments spanning up to 160 sq. m. Residents of second-floor apartments will have access to mezzanines which will significantly increase the effective floor area at their disposal, with some rooms in selected apartments reaching an impressive height of up to 5-6 meters. Meanwhile, owners of apartments on the first floor will have access to private gardens.


ODEA Park’s natural surroundings and green solutions, such as an in-house solar power plant, coupled with easily accessible public transportation, have secured a Very Good rating on the estate's BREEAM green construction certification. Additionally, the investment is also taking part in a pilot project for Green Building certification from the Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC).


For more information on the environmentally friendly solutions found at ODEA Park, please visit:


Over 90 pct. of LIXA C is now commercialized

Hoogwegt Poland will occupy nearly 1,000 sq. m. of office space on the first floor of recently completed office building C, 90 pct. of which has now been commercialized.


The Polish branch of Hoogwegt Group, one of the world’s leading providers of milk powders, butter fats, and whey products for the dairy market, has signed a 7-year lease for its new headquarters at Yareal’s LIXA office complex near the Daszynski Roundabout in Warsaw.


The Polish branch of global dairy market supplier Hoogwegt Group, which operates across 130 markets worldwide, will move into the complex in the spring of next year.


At Hoogwegt, we are on a mission for constant innovation to provide our customers with better products and improved services. Our Polish branch – which was founded 30 years ago – plays an important role in our international business, and as such we needed a new, representative office in the heart of Warsaw’s business district. We decided on the LIXA complex as it provides excellent conditions for our team and for the fulfillment of our future goals; including modern office space and well-fitted urban infrastructure – including a well-developed public transportation system, a subway station nearby, parking lots, bicycle paths, and changing rooms with showers for cyclists. The building itself features an array of useful services and is also a place where our employees can run errands or relax among soothing greenery. Hoogwegt Group have been supplying top-quality products and services to the international dairy industry for 57 years, so we value quality and optimal working conditions that will foster our further growth” – said Maciej Kędzierski, President of the Board of Directors at Hoogwegt Poland Sp. z o.o.


The LIXA complex is Yareal’s largest project to date and building C, which is now nearly fully commercialized, has delivered 20,000 sq. m. of top class office space to the Warsaw market.


So far, we have delivered 48,000 sq. m. of superbly designed, flexible office space within the LIXA project. We are pleased to welcome another established global player among our tenants. Hoogwegt Poland‘s presence at LIXA confirms that the campus-like office complex is well suited to the needs of major global firms and industry leaders. I am certain that LIXA’s many amenities, such as its green gardens and rich service offer, will ensure the comfort of Hoogwegt’s office employees and contribute to the company's further successes, both in Poland and across the globe” – commented Marta Zawadzka, Leasing Director, Yareal Polska.


Hoogwegt Poland was aided by consultants from Keystone Real Estate during its negotiations with Yareal.


Our client, Hoogwegt Poland, was looking for an office that would foster productiveness and support their team in their daily work. A sustainable and safe working environment, coupled with a perfect location and numerous amenities nearby – Yareal’s LIXA complex ticked all the boxes. We are proud to have helped Hoogwegt Poland in the process of finding their new headquarters in Poland” – said Kamil Komoński, Keystone Real Estate.


The LIXA complex is being built in stages near the Daszynski Roundabout in Warsaw’s Wola district. Once complete, this will be one of the largest office complexes in Poland. It’s first three office buildings, with a total leasable area of up to 48,000 sq. m., have already been commissioned and are almost fully leased. Once the remaining two buildings are completed, LIXA will form a complex of five buildings with a total area of 77,000 sq. m.


The final phase of Yareal's flagship development – office buildings D and E – are being built on the west-facing side of the LIXA City Gardens. This 150-meter-long walkway, which connects Kasprzaka and Giełdowa Streets, will feature an array of stores, service points and eateries. Advisors from consulting company JLL are currently working on commercializing the premises. The walkway will be a place where office workers can run their necessary errands by day, and its numerous restaurants and bars will cater to the area’s residents by night. The LIXA City Gardens will provide access to two internal, green garden courtyards which, together with the project’s cascading terraces, will include over half a hectare of publicly accessible areas with trees, shrubs, lawns, and a pond.


LIXA was designed by the renowned HRA studio and built in accordance with the requirements and principles of contemporary green building and BREEAM certification. The investment features numerous environmentally friendly solutions that ensure an Excellent BREEAM rating, including the exploitation of low-emission concrete and several hundred tons of recycled aluminum; a reusable material with a negligible carbon footprint. Yareal is also finalizing WELL Health-Safety certification for the LIXA project, a confirmation of the high standard of safety procedures employed within its buildings; an especially important aspect considering the possible return of a global pandemic.


For more information on the LIXA complex, please visit:


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The third stage of the SOHO by Yareal investment project in Warsaw's Kamionek district will include two residential buildings containing 14 apartments and 132 higher-standard flats.

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