Yareal Announces Exclusive Apartment Sales in Wilanów

Yareal is proud to launch a distinguished selection of residences in the heart of Wilanów, nestled within the intersection of Branickiego and Sarmacka streets, which serve as the district’s main thoroughfares.

The development introduces three private, landscaped courtyards and a publicly accessible square linked to a vibrant greenway park adorned with rain gardens, creating an urban oasis within the district. Each apartment will feature loggias, balconies, or terraces, while ground-floor units will come with gardens, including some with gardens on both sides.


The ENSO residential complex, inspired by the Zen Buddhist symbol, is emerging from one of the last vacant plots in Miasteczko Wilanów. The 4-5 story architectural marvel will comprise 89 apartments, primarily featuring expansive 3-4 room units, tailored to meet the needs of growing families seeking an upgrade in living conditions. All residences will enjoy large wooden windows, and thoughtful spatial arrangements will delineate day and night zones, with larger units boasting bespoke wardrobes adjoining the bedrooms.


"Our vision for ENSO was to create a harmonious and intricately designed urban architecture that seamlessly integrates with the ecological and community-oriented lifestyle embraced by the residents of the Wilanów District. With a deep appreciation for elevated aesthetic and functional standards fostered by the district's urban design principles, we are dedicated to constructing a prestigious apartment complex that not only meets the needs of its residents but also prioritizes their well-being and environmental sustainability. We aim to provide a luxurious living experience by offering a wide range of amenities that are both people- and environmentally-friendly. Within the enchanting linear park, captivating rain gardens will be incorporated to collect and efficiently utilize water for irrigating the lush and diverse greenery found in the three secluded courtyards. Recognizing the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle, we have included an exclusive indoor exercise area, allowing residents to maintain their well-being conveniently within the complex. Additionally, we have made it a priority to enhance the local service and gastronomic offerings, thereby further enriching the overall quality of life for our residents” – said Jacek Zengteler, CEO of Yareal.


Situated adjacent to the entrance on Adam Branicki Street, ENSO will host a state-of-the-art fitness facility exclusive to residents. On the ground floor, several commercial spaces will be available, including a restaurant with a separate garden area for guests. Every parking space in the subterranean garage will feature the option for electric vehicle chargers, and ample bicycle storage will cater to cycling enthusiasts, acknowledging the expansive cycle network of the district. Proximity to eco-friendly public transport, with a bus stop near the development and an upcoming tram line connecting Wilanów to Warsaw's city center, will make commuting a breeze (


Thanks to its sustainable design, convenient transport connections, and an array of eco-friendly initiatives, ENSO is set to achieve a "Very Good" rating from BREEAM, the internationally recognized sustainable building certification system. Yareal continues its commitment to environmental sustainability, extending its streak of 20 green-certified residential and commercial projects.


Construction of ENSO is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of this year. For more information about ENSO and Yareal's dedication to sustainable development, visit the project's website:


Yareal Initiates Its First Lex Developer Project in Służewiec

Yareal has launched pre-sales for over 200 apartments in its inaugural project, designed under the special housing law.


The MOKOPOLIS building, with its cascading structure, is located in Warsaw's Służewiec district and has been developed through consultations with the Polish capital’s municipality and the local community. This collaborative approach has significantly influenced the final design of the project. Key enhancements include a publicly accessible green square, complete with a playground, and parking areas for guests and couriers. Additionally, Yareal has committed PLN 5 million to conceptualizing and modernizing a nearby primary school.


The MOKOPOLIS project, situated at 4a Postępu Street, emerged from consultations under the special housing law, leading to a diverse building height ranging from four to nine stories. The WWAA studio led the design process, and the building’s features ensure optimal illumination of both residents’ apartments and a large shared patio. The building's cascading structure also facilitated the creation of spacious terraces on the upper floors, each extending to nearly 100 sq.m. Set behind the C-shaped structure, away from Postępu Street, Yareal plans to construct an open, green recreational square with rich vegetation, a rain garden, and natural material fixtures, forming part of a larger green corridor extending across several neighboring estates.


MOKOPOLIS is Yareal's first residential venture created under the special housing law, necessitating close collaboration with city officials and the local government, approval by the Warsaw Council, and a strong emphasis on social dialogue and public consultations. This process, though transparent, is challenging, lengthy, and expensive, but it allows the active involvement of all stakeholders in creating an optimal project. This approach enables a harmonious compromise that benefits the city, the district, its neighbors, and future residents of MOKOPOLIS. Our experience with social consultations clearly indicates that residents prefer open estates and an active social life within well-planned spaces, hence their engagement in the consultation process to ensure their views are considered. The outcome is a community-oriented project that contributes to the district's development and breaks through the current office architecture throughout the district,” – explains Yareal CEO Jacek Zengteler.


The architecture employed as part of the MOKOPOLIS project distinctly reflects the historical industrial heritage of the Służewiec district. Its unique façade blends harmoniously with neighboring buildings, including a hotel initially designed as an office. The building's striking white frame, with horizontal elements forming into a gentle wavelike pattern, complements the panels on its loggia, with lattice railings further enhancing its elegance and brightness. In Służewiec, like in many urban areas, there's an increasing trend for functional transformation in city development plans. This is facilitated by the special housing law, enabling land use changes to provide much-needed urban functions and improve both spatial quality and living standards, as exemplified by MOKOPOLIS,” – adds Marcin Mostafa, who is leading the project at the WWAA studio.


In implementing the project, Yareal will invest PLN 5 million in the nearby branch of Primary School No. 191 at 12 Gruszczyńskiego Street. Following preliminary discussions with the local government and officials, the developer will prepare a phased expansion concept for the school and undertake its modernization or expansion. The final scope of work on the school premises is still being negotiated with district and city representatives. Yareal's investment in educational infrastructure is also a part of the special housing law, allowing for land rezoning following transparent guidelines set by local authorities and agreements reached during the consultation process.


Most apartments in MOKOPOLIS are desirable two- and three-room units, ranging from 35 to 66 sq.m., equipped with loggias and balconies. The offer also includes studio apartments and larger family units up to 120 sq.m. Ground-floor apartments, with heights exceeding 3.25 meters, will feature private gardens, some as large as 133 sq. m. Residents on upper floors will enjoy terraces ranging from a few to over 90 sq. m. The ground floor facing Postępu Street will host eight commercial units to serve the needs of residents and neighbors. A two-level underground garage will accommodate 256 cars. Community consultations led to the inclusion of 18 spaces for guests and couriers, who will have a dedicated section in the underground car park. An additional stairwell has been designed to manage these guest parking spaces efficiently, ensuring easy access between the underground garage and the ground floor.


The project will undergo rigorous certification for sustainable solutions under the international BREEAM green building scheme. Expectations for a 'Very Good' BREEAM rating are based on features like an in-house solar power plant, the use of low-emission concrete in the construction process, optional electric car chargers at selected underground parking spots, and an energy recovery system thanks to the installation of state-of-the-art elevators.


For more information about MOKOPOLIS, please visit the investment website:


Yareal Initiates Apartment Construction in Wilanów

Yareal has started constructing 89 premium apartments in the picturesque Wilanów district, with almost half of them already secured by buyers.


The ENSO Wilanów project is strategically located at the intersection of Sarmacka and Branickiego streets. Nearby, a new tram line, currently under development, will soon connect Wilanów to the heart of Warsaw. The esteemed FineTech Construction, recognised for their work on Yareal's Pozytywny Mokotów venture and ongoing projects like the LIXA office complexes in Warsaw and the upscale ODEA Park villas in Gdańsk, has taken the helm as the general contractor for ENSO Wilanów's initial phase.


This opening phase of ENSO Wilanów will spotlight an elegantly designed L-shaped structure complemented by a serene garden courtyard, offering homes to approximately 89 families. A majority of these homes are spacious apartments tailored to families in the Wilanów community, reflecting the growing housing needs in recent years. The final blueprint envisions a trio of interconnected apartment buildings accentuated with private internal gardens and a vibrant public plaza. Merging this plaza with an adjoining linear park promises to craft an expansive green oasis with unique elements like a rain garden for stormwater harvesting.


Sustainable design coupled with verdant communal spaces epitomises our approach to residential projects. With ENSO Wilanów, the lush outdoors will seamlessly meld with the interiors, thanks to expansive wooden windows and full-length glazed balconies, enhancing and amplifying the living experience. Ground floor residents, in particular, will be treated to personal garden spaces, some spanning both sides of their apartments” – says Jacek Zengteler, CEO of Yareal.


Our collaboration with Yareal Polska in bringing ENSO Wilanów to life reinforces our mutual trust and aligned vision of crafting sustainable, eco-conscious homes that resonate with modern urban living” – adds Włodzimierz Bogiel, CEO of FineTech Construction.


A key feature for ENSO Wilanów apartment owners is an exclusive, state-of-the-art gymnasium. In addition, several commercial spaces, accessible from Branickiego Street, will also be built, including one tailored for a gourmet restaurant, complete with an alfresco dining area. Emphasising its commitment to sustainability, like in many of its previous endeavours, Yareal has incorporated a dedicated solar power facility in ENSO Wilanów, ensuring free electrical power for illuminating communal spaces and the underground garage.


Thoughtfully designed, the parking will be entirely underground, spanning a single floor, negating the need for elevating platforms. Select spots will be equipped with personal charging outlets for electric vehicles. Access to this parking is via three gates, ensuring easy entry and exit. Cyclists have also been catered to, given the district's intricate web of cycling paths; ENSO Wilanów will feature dedicated bicycle storage spaces. Furthermore, residents will benefit from swift access to green urban transit options. An operational bus stop is a stone's throw away, and the forthcoming tram line's terminal station will be conveniently situated on Branickiego Street.


Superb connectivity, bolstered by the project’s close location to Warsaw's main highway and the Ursynów tunnel, along with sustainable infrastructural innovations, have made ENSO eligible for the BREEAM sustainability certification. After completion, the project will undergo rigorous evaluation to secure a prestigious “Very Good” BREEAM rating. In line with its ESG commitments, Yareal consistently ensures all its residential or commercial ventures undergo such esteemed certifications.


The inaugural phase of ENSO Wilanów is set for completion by mid-2025. For comprehensive insights into the project and the sustainable practices championed by Yareal, please explore the official project website:


Yareal Secures €45 Million Investment Loan with PBB

Yareal Polska is delighted to announce the successful closing of a €45 million investment loan, with a term of 5 years, from pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank (pbb).


Recognized as a leading European commercial real estate finance specialist, this collaboration with pbb represents a significant step for Yareal's financial future.


This financing will empower Yareal to optimize its financial structure, primarily through refinancing the LIXA C office building. Additionally, it will provide the necessary capital for new land acquisitions, paving the way for Yareal's future revenue growth.


This is a testament to our organizations' mutual trust and professionalism and the beginning of a promising long-term partnership. We share a common vision that encompasses green solutions, ESG standards, wide-ranging flexibility, and the significance of expansive green spaces in contemporary office buildings” – Nicolas Benhaim, Vice-President of Yareal Polska, and Dieter Knittel, Managing Director & Head of CEE for pbb, commented jointly on the collaboration.


The successful realization of this loan agreement was achieved through the combined dedication of both Yareal and PBB’s teams. They were further supported by financial advisors CBRE and legal counsels from Gide Loyrette Nouel and BSJP BNT Brockhuis Jurczak Prusak Sroka Nilsson Zamorska.


We are thrilled to have secured this partnership with pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, a pivotal moment for our organization. We will continue in our pursuit of optimizing our financial resources in line with our objectives” – added Marek Esz, Deputy CFO of Yareal Polska.


The LIXA C office building, boasting 20,000 sq. m. of useable area, is a significant part of the LIXA campus. Designed by the esteemed HRA studio, this property is in the heart of Warsaw's business center, the Wola district. It is just a short walk from the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station. Presently, the building enjoys nearly 100% occupancy, generating a robust free cash flow.


Street restaurant open at LIXA C

Diverse cuisine, dishes combining unique flavours and an extraordinary automotive design – these features make a difference for the Street restaurant, recently opened in the LIXA office complex near the Daszyński Roundabout in Warsaw.


The restaurant occupies 468 sqm. of space on the ground floor of the LIXA C building, facing the publicly accessible pedestrian arcade located between Kasprzaka and Giełdowa streets. This is another restaurant operating as part of the LIXA City Gardens retail concept, which has expanded the food and beverage offering both in the LIXA complex itself and in the immediate vicinity.


Street is a restaurant brand that has been present in the food and beverage market for nearly 20 years, currently operating four restaurants in Warsaw office buildings and shopping malls. The first restaurant under the Street brand was opened in 2004. The name Street is a term used for night racing, and the restaurant was intended to be a place for sharing a passion for autosports and great food. Street restaurants are especially known for their varied, signature menus, which are a compilation of popular international dishes. The restaurants’ chefs have combined their knowledge and expertise to create recipes of favourite European, American, Mexican and traditionally Polish dishes.


The fascination with all things related to the automotive world is also perfectly evident in the colour, style, and arrangement of the Street restaurant at LIXA C. The place showcases, among other things, graphics of the most characteristic elements of cars, lamps referring to engine pistons and materials used to detail racing cars. Street has taken up 468 sqm. of modern service space, located on the ground floor of the LIXA C building. The restaurant space includes a VIP area that can accommodate up to 60 guests, which makes it an ideal venue for all kinds of meetings and special events. Street restaurant at LIXA also boasts an outdoor garden facing directly onto the LIXA City Gardens city passage.


The choice of a restaurant for an office complex is always a major challenge for the investor. Food and beverage offering matched to the needs and expectations of employees and visitors alike significantly increases the overall attractiveness of the building. Especially the new generation of employees expects office complexes to offer not only comfortable conditions for performing their duties, but also attractive opportunities for making the most of their leisure time and meeting important everyday needs. I can say with confidence that that Street’s rich offering will respond perfectly to these expectations, and the restaurant will become a must-visit place for both those working at the LIXA campus and for our guests. I am very pleased with this cooperation and with the fact that it is the Street that has become the first culinary place in our new pedestrian arcade which will feature numerous retail and dining establishments as part of the LIXA City Gardens concept,” said Marta Zawadzka, Leasing Director at Yareal Polska.


I am really glad that our newest restaurant has been set up in the beautiful LIXA complex. We create places with our guests and their needs in mind, and we have come across the same energy in the complex developed by Yareal Polska – located in the very heart of Warsaw, but immersed in greenery and tranquillity. The new Street restaurant is not just another spot on the culinary map of Warsaw, but first of all a space where campus employees and their guests can take a break from their daily routine and relax in a casual atmosphere. By introducing a lunch offering tailored specifically for office employees in the area, we want to create a different menu every day, in line with seasonally available ingredients, along with our speedy service. After hours, all guests are welcome to join the traditional Street’s After Office, during which they can enjoy several promotions, including the most famous Happy Hours. Thanks to the unique layout of the place, we were able to arrange the space in such a way as to accommodate multi-person bookings with up to 50 people sitting together, at one table. We know how important this has been for clients holding events and meetings at our restaurants. We also have a glamorous VIP room, where we invite guests expecting a more discreet atmosphere at their events. We have top-of-the-line catering equipment to prepare buffets in our restaurant as well as at the clients’ premises, and we are excited about upcoming requests for cooperation. It is with pride that we have opened in the LIXA City Gardens space a concept that guests have been returning to for years, where you can hold a corporate meeting in a convivial atmosphere and feel the invigorating climate of neon lights and street racing from the 2000s,” commented Magdalena Lewicka, Managing Partner at Street restaurant.


The lease agreement for the restaurant space was signed for 10 years, and the JLL team, represented by Anna Wdowiak, took part in the negotiations.


The LIXA C office building offering 20,000 sqm. is the third of the buildings commissioned as part of Yareal’s largest office project, that is the LIXA campus, designed by the renowned HRA Architekci studio, which is being developed in phases in the business centre of Warsaw, in the Wola district, located within walking distance from the Daszyńskiego Roundabout metro station.


LIXA C and other parts of the complex have been built in line with the sustainable development strategy of Yareal Polska with the main focus on ESG standards. The building has been BREEAM certified at the Excellent level. The investment developed in accordance with the requirements and principles of a contemporary green building features numerous environmentally friendly solutions and technologies, among others, a bicycle room and changing rooms with showers for cyclists and employees exercising before work. LIXA C was awarded WELL Health-Safety certification, which is a confirmation of the high standard of safety procedures employed within the building.


At present, the final phase of the development is being completed, that is LIXA D and LIXA E office buildings, which will offer a total of more than 28,000 sqm. of leasable space and will be ready to welcome tenants in Q2 and Q1 of 2024, respectively. This phase of the investment project will also see the completion of the publicly accessible 150-metre pedestrian arcade between Kasprzaka and Giełdowa streets. Once the remaining two buildings are completed, LIXA will form a complex of five buildings with a total area of 77,000 sqm.


New leases and expansion in LIXA C

Yareal Polska has signed new leases for almost 1,000 sqm. in the LIXA C building, developed as part of the office campus near the Daszyński Roundabout in Warsaw.


Glass System Poland and VisionCube have joined the office building’s tenant roster. Moreover, Advanced Power Solutions Poland has decided to extend its current space. Consequently, 95% of the LIXA C office building has now been commercialized.


At the beginning of 2024, LIXA C will welcome two new tenants. Glass System Poland, a technology company providing state-of-the-art glass architecture solutions, has decided to lease 435 sqm. of modern space on the first floor of the building. The other tenant is VisionCube, providing video conferencing systems and delivering technologically advanced IT projects. Its showroom of 181 sqm. in total will be located on the ground floor of LIXA C.


What is more, the current tenant, Advanced Power Solutions Poland, which is the global leading battery manufacturer, has signed a lease extension by additional 316 sqm. Thus, as of 2024, the company’s seat will cover more than 1,000 sqm. of modern office space on the first floor of the office building.


‘I am very pleased that technology companies have joined our group of tenants. When developing this complex, our major goal was to create a state-of-the-art and comfortable work environment, coupled with comfortable conditions to foster business growth. I am truly satisfied that our idea proved to be successful. Our success is evident not only in the new lease agreements, but also in the fact that the current tenant of LIXA C, Advanced Power Solutions Poland, has decided to expand its space by additional several hundred sqm. – less than a year after signing its first lease. There is no better proof of the top quality of LIXA itself and the services offered by us,’ said Marta Zawadzka, Leasing Director at Yareal Polska.


The LIXA C office building with an area of 20,000 sqm. is the third of the buildings commissioned as part of Yareal’s largest office project, that is the LIXA campus, designed by the renowned HRA Architekci studio, which is being developed in phases in the business centre of Warsaw, in the Wola district, located within walking distance from the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station.


LIXA C and other parts of the complex have been built in line with the sustainable development strategy of Yareal Polska, with the main focus on ESG standards. The building has been BREEAM certified at the Excellent level. The project has been developed in accordance with the requirements and principles of contemporary green building, and features numerous environmentally friendly solutions and technologies, among others, a bicycle room and changing rooms with showers for cyclists and employees exercising before work. LIXA C was awarded WELL Health-Safety rating, which provides proof of the high standard of safety procedures employed within the building. 


At present, the final phase of the development is underway, that is LIXA D and LIXA E office buildings, which will offer a total of more than 28,000 sqm. of leasable space and will be ready to welcome tenants in Q2 and Q1 of 2024, respectively. During the final phase, a 150-metre-long walkway connecting Kasprzaka and Giełdowa Streets will be completed, with an array of stores, service points and eateries as part of the LIXA City Gardens concept. Once the remaining two buildings are delivered, LIXA will form a complex of five buildings with a total area of 77,000 sqm.


Yareal unveils Pozytywny Mokotów: a sustainable haven with 615 apartments in Warsaw

Yareal proudly announces the completion of one of its largest residential projects to date, the Pozytywny Mokotów housing estate.


Spanning three stages, this remarkable development is set to welcome over 600 families. The majority of the apartments, located at the intersection of Postępu and Konstruktorska streets in Warsaw, have already been sold, with only two spacious apartments, each over 100 sq. m., with large terraces remaining.


Pozytywny Mokotów comprises seven buildings surrounding a sprawling inner garden that stretches nearly 200 meters. A diverse range of ornamental shrubs, perennials, trees, and grassy meadows thrive within this elongated, green enclave that covers an area of nearly 10,000 sq. m. The estate boasts multiple internal squares, three playgrounds, and a neighborhood promenade featuring numerous benches, gazebos, a green pergola, and recreational areas equipped with amenities like hammocks, picnic sets, and sun loungers. Additionally, one of the squares has been fitted with calisthenics exercise equipment.


“We take immense pride in the implementation of numerous environmentally friendly solutions in Pozytywny Mokotów, including some that are groundbreaking. As part of the development, residents now have access to a community garden featuring dozens of nursery containers made from recycled clothing conglomerate. They have already started cultivating their flowers, vegetables, and herbs for home cooking. Each of the three stages of Pozytywny Mokotów will be powered by its own solar power plant. The first plant has already generated over 37 megawatt-hours of free energy, while the remaining two await final approval to connect to the grid. Once the solar panels are activated, apartment owners can save tens of thousands of zlotys annually on electricity expenses” – explains Jacek Zengteler, CEO of Yareal.


In line with their commitment to sustainability, Yareal has equipped the development with several dozen bicycle racks, a bicycle repair station, a public electric vehicle charger, and an Allegro parcel locker. The final phase of Pozytywny Mokotów showcases Yareal's dedication to environmental consciousness by utilizing low-emission concrete, specifically Vertua concrete, making it the first residential project in Poland to implement this innovation. This environmentally friendly alternative helped reduce the development’s carbon emissions by 38% compared to using traditional concrete – the equivalent to driving a car around the Earth five times.


Prior to the completion of the complex, Yareal undertook the renovation of the intersection of Postępu and Konstruktorska streets. In collaboration with city authorities, the developer replaced the road surface, constructed a new roundabout, and installed three bus stops with bays for public transportation. The intersection reconstruction project also included the creation of new sidewalks and bicycle paths, enhancing accessibility and safety for residents.

Thanks to its convenient access to various modes of public transportation and its sustainable design, Pozytywny Mokotów has been awarded a prestigious "Very Good" rating under BREEAM green building certification. Yareal now holds the largest number of green certificates in Poland, covering a total of 20 residential and office projects, establishing the company as a nationwide leader in sustainable construction according to the BREEAM system. Pozytywny Mokotów was meticulously designed and built in accordance with the European Union's environmental policy requirements, prioritizing climate change adaptation and incorporating energy-efficient solutions and durable materials resilient to adverse atmospheric conditions.


For more information about the Pozytywny Mokotów estate and its BREEAM certification, please visit the official website:


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The entire investment, including the buildings, the usable space around them and the surroundings, has been designed to provide the residents with maximum comfort of use.

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Yareal has launched pre-sales for over 200 apartments in its inaugural project, designed under the special housing law.

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ESG is one of the key terms for real estate developer projects which directly impacts the management and corporate responsibility of the business.

Sustainable development has been one of the foundations of Yareal's growth from the very beginning. We are aware of the great responsibility arising from new projects and functions which define the conditions and comfort of living in the city for decades to come.

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