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Our business operations are focused on people and the environment. We create buildings that positively affect the quality of life and work. We create a space that shapes the relations between people and nature. Our projects complement the unique and valuable elements of the given space and are in perfect harmony with the sustainable development of the city.

The BREEAM certificate awarded to YAREAL projects is a confirmation of the consistency of our actions, our persistence in looking for optimum solutions, and the high quality of our projects. It also confirms our responsible attitude focused on development based on respect for natural resources.


BREEAM is a globally recognized independent system of evaluating the quality of a building and its impact on the residents and the natural environment. The system defines the best practices for sustainable development, covering aspects such as environmental protection and ecology, safety and comfort of users, usefulness, and economy. The BREEAM methodology is based on an in-depth analysis of all the properties of the project. If a building or a complex of buildings is awarded a BREEAM certificate, this is a guarantee that the design and construction processes were carried out in compliance with the best standards and that the quality of workmanship and the comfort of use are high.



The Pozytywny Mokotów, Stage I project—the buildings, the space around them, and the surroundings—has been designed in such a way as to provide the residents with maximum comfort of use. 




- the buildings have been designed on the basis of a computer analysis intended to ensure the proper amount of sunlight for each of the apartments. Thanks to this, the individual solutions guaranteeing sunlight access to each of the apartments have been improved and optimized;

- the building has been designed on the basis of the conclusions drawn from a computer analysis concerning the energy efficiency of the building and the thermal comfort of the residents. The analyses have been carried out by an energy efficiency expert;

- the building is energy-efficient thanks to solutions such as highly efficient lifts and lighting, which reduce the costs of using common areas. Energy-saving lamps and lighting management systems have been installed, ensuring optimum lighting of the premises. Furthermore, movement and dusk sensors have been installed. The lighting system has been designed in such a way as to ensure safe and optimum light intensity;

- the building is connected to an environmentally-friendly municipal heating system that guarantees high efficiency and reasonable costs. Municipal heating ensures low emissions thanks to a system used in Warsaw district heating stations where the heat produced while generating power is used for heating purposes;

- the room for keeping waste is equipped with bins for segregation of waste. Access for residents is from the yard; for public services—from the entrance. This solution means ease and safety of use and efficient removal of segregated waste;

- the apartments are equipped with the Smart Home system by Fibaro. The system controls, manages, and monitors the apartment devices for you to be able to control and use all available solutions effectively. Additionally, state-of-the-art thermostats known as The Heat Controllers, which are a part of the SmartHome package, will optimize the use of heat;

- the ecological value of the land and its biodiversity has been improved by means of introducing green areas. It is planned to design greenery that is particularly valuable for the local fauna and based on native species that are resilient to climate and weather changes. A large number of plants will increase biodiversity, perfectly complementing the local strategy of environmental development. The above solutions are based on analyses prepared and opinions drafted by experts in terms of ecology;

- the estate has been designed taking into account the future climate changes. Materials resilient to excessive exposition to sunlight and to moisture have been selected;

- the contractor has been obliged to comply with very high environmental requirements. During the construction process, waste will be segregated for recycling and water and power will be used rationally. The workers will have good sanitary conditions thanks to showers and a locker room; they will also be provided with a canteen. Safe work methods will be implemented at the construction site and the local community will be regularly informed about the progress of the works. It is also planned to take a number of actions intended to minimize and monitor the nuisances caused to the neighbours;

- out of concern for the environment, a policy of sustainable purchases has been implemented, providing for efficient planning of purchasing raw materials, products, and services, in accordance with the philosophy of sustainable development.


- the premises will be covered with a CCTV system and access control;

- vehicular traffic on the premises will be limited to a minimum. The entrance to the underground car park is located right next to the access road, which means that vehicular traffic is quickly sent below ground;

- comfortable and well-marked pavements are safe for children and the elderly;

- surfaces intended for pedestrians will be marked with a clear, cohesive systems of colours;

- in order to accommodate persons with special requirements, such as the disabled, the elderly, or parents with children, special curbs, pedestrian crossings, and parking spaces for the disabled have been designed.


- a recreation area featuring safe surface has been designed for children;

- there are places to rest, with benches surrounded by greenery;

- the estate is equipped with places to park bikes that are intended for both the residents and guests;

- the investor has also committed himself to redevelop a section of the road and the pavement that runs along the estate.


- Pozytywny Mokotów is an estate designed with electro mobility in mind. The parking spaces can be equipped with charging stations for electric cars.


* "Pozytywny Mokotów” was registered with BRE, an entity granting BREEAM certificates. The final certificate is awarded upon completion of the project. Information on the certification process is available in the investor’s office.

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