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People and their environment are at the heart of our operations. We make buildings that have a positive impact on the quality of life and work. We create spaces that shape relations between people and nature. Our developments perfectly fit in with all the unique and valuable qualities of the given area and are in perfect harmony with the sustainable growth of the city.

The BREEAM certificates awarded to YAREAL developments confirm the consistency of our endeavours, our relentless search for optimum solutions and the high quality of our projects. The  certificates prove our responsible, growth-oriented approach that respects natural resources.


The BREEAM certificate is awarded by an independent body. It is a worldwide recognized rating system for assessing the quality of buildings as well as their impact on residents and the natural environment. The system defines the standard of best practices for sustainable development including such aspects as environmental protection, ecology, safety and comfort of users, fitness for purpose and economy. The assessment methodology for BREEAM involves an in-depth analysis of all of the characteristics of each project. A BREEAM certified building or a complex of buildings means they were designed and developed in accordance with the best standards and that they offer a guaranteed high quality of workmanship and comfort of use.



The "Rezydencja Chrobrego" project, including the building, utility space around it as well as the surroundings have been designed in such a way as to provide the residents with maximum comfort of use. This is the first residential area in the district of Włochy certified under the BREEAM system.




- There is no car traffic on the premises of the "Rezydencja Chrobrego" project. The underground car park can be accessed directly from Szczera Street.

- The premises have been equipped with a monitoring system, discreet fencing and an access control system.

- All building elements exposed to intensive use will be secured with solutions reducing any potential damage. These are e.g. bumpers, strips as well as protective or shock absorbing materials, which guarantees reduced damage, and consequently, lower costs of repair and less waste. Before the residents start to move in, the common parts will be adequately secured so that they do not become damaged while the decorating teams are working.

- In order to ensure comfortable conditions to persons with special needs, such as the disabled, elderly or parents with children, the pavements have been designed at one level, suitable kerbs have been applied and parking spaces for the disabled have been designated.

- On the premises, playgrounds and recreational spaces with benches have been designed among green areas.

- The apartments are provided with SmartHome intelligent system by Fibaro. The system controls, monitors and manages the apartment devices for you to be able to control and use all available solutions effectively.


- Across the residential area, effective lighting has been used with energy-saving lamps and lighting control systems. The premises are lighted using LED lamps, dusk sensors and motion detectors. The lighting has been designed in a manner ensuring safe and optimum light intensity.

- The buildings have energy-saving properties thanks to the application of solutions such as energy-efficient lifts and lighting that contribute to reduced costs of using common areas.



- The building was designed on the basis of advanced computer analysis aimed at ensuring optimum lighting of each apartment with sunlight. As a result, the individual solutions ensuring access to daylight in each apartment have been improved and optimised.

- The main room for waste and waste bins on the premises enables the separate collection of waste.

- Nearly half of the premises is composed of green areas and green roofs where multiple plant species will grow, which ensures its ecological value and biodiversity.  Numerous shrubs and trees will be planted, including native species resistant to changeable weather and not requiring intensive irrigation. The above solutions have been based on expert studies in the field of green-space planning. Additionally, some of the apartments have gardens thanks to which the residents will be able to shape the local ecology and actively support the biodiversity in the surroundings. Also the recreational area will be covered with grass and reinforced with a special rubber safety mat ensuring turf durability while preserving its ecological values despite intensive use.

- There is a bicycle room in the building available to residents as well as outdoor bicycle stands for visitors. The residents can additionally keep their bicycles in storage rooms.


- A recreational area for children and adults with a safe surface has been designed on the premises.

- Pavements for pedestrians have been marked using clear and consistent colours.


* The “Rezydencja Chrobrego” project was registered with BRE, an entity granting the BREEAM certificate. The final certificate is awarded upon completion of the project. Information on the certification process is available in the investor’s office.

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