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People and their environment are at the heart of our operations. We make buildings that have a positive impact on the quality of life and work. We create spaces that shape relations between people and nature. Our developments perfectly fit in with all the unique and valuable qualities of the given area and are in perfect harmony with the sustainable growth of the city.

The BREEAM certificates awarded to YAREAL developments confirm the consistency of our endeavours, our relentless search for optimum solutions and the high quality of our projects. The  certificates prove our responsible, growth-oriented approach that respects natural resources.


The BREEAM certificate is awarded by an independent body. It is a worldwide recognized rating system for assessing the quality of buildings as well as their impact on residents and the natural environment. The system defines the standard of best practices for sustainable development including such aspects as environmental protection, ecology, safety and comfort of users, fitness for purpose and economy. The assessment methodology for BREEAM involves an in-depth analysis of all of the characteristics of each project. A BREEAM certified building or a complex of buildings means they were designed and developed in accordance with the best standards and that they offer a guaranteed high quality of workmanship and comfort of use.



The entire Strefa Wilanów, including buildings and the surrounding non-residential space, as well as its neighbourhood, was designed to provide maximum comfort of use for residents. This is the only BREEAM-certified residential complex in Wilanów.




- there is no vehicle traffic in the area of Strefa Wilanów. Cars enter the underground parking directly from the street. The traffic runs under the patio, in the garage under the buildings.

 - the area is monitored by a CCTV system and surrounded by discreet fencing. It has an access control system.

 - comfortable, properly marked pavements and bicycle lanes mean that the area is safe for children and the elderly.

- all the elements of the building exposed to extensive use have been secured with solutions that help reduce any possible damage. These include bump stops, rails, protective and shock absorbing materials, which means less damage and thus, reduces renovation costs and generated waste.

- Strefa Wilanów is friendly for the blind. Common areas are marked with special Braille markings along with supporting acoustic systems in the elevators and properly selected colour-coding of the surfaces, and contrasting colours.

- for better comfort of people with special needs, such as people with disabilities, the elderly or parents with children, the developer planned the appropriate kerbs, dedicated zebra crossings and disabled parking places. Before the residents move in, the common areas will be secured against the operations of renovation and remodelling crews to ensure less damage and reduce renovation costs and the amount of generated waste.

 - the apartments come with a SmartHome package by Fibaro. The system controls, monitors and manages and household appliances, which ensures control and effective use of the available solutions.


- the development includes places where you can rest on benches surrounded by greenery. Also, the developer planned a solar-powered bench for charging electronic mobile devices.

 - the area of the complex is efficiently lit with energy saving lamps and light management systems. The area is lit with LED lamps, twilights sensors and motion detectors. The lighting has been designed to ensure a safe and optimum level of light.

 - the buildings are energy-efficient thanks to such solutions as energy efficient elevators and lighting which reduce common area operating costs.

 - the buildings use a highly efficient eco-friendly district heating system with optimum  operating costs. District heating is one of the lowest-emission solutions thanks to the system used in Warsaw CHP power plants, where the heat produced during the production of electricity is further used for heating.


- the buildings were designed using advanced computer-aided analysis to ensure the optimum amount of sunlight in each space. Thanks to that, all the individual solutions which guarantee sufficient daylight in each apartment were improved and optimized.

 - the dustbins, including waste segregation bins, were planned in the underground garage. This means they are easy to use and can be efficiently handled by segregated waste management crews.

 - the ecological value of the area and its biodiversity have been improved by developing green spaces, e.g. on the garage roof. The plans have been made to design green areas which will be especially valuable for the local fauna, based on indigenous species, resistant to climate and weather changes and not very demanding in terms of watering. A large number of species increasing the biodiversity corresponds well with the local strategy of environmental development. The above solutions were backed by analyses and opinions of environmental experts.

 - on the premises of the compound you can find bicycle parking racks for residents and visitors, while the residents may also store their bikes in the tenant storage units.

 - in the direct vicinity of Strefa Wilanów there is a public outdoor gym, a bike lane and a jogging track.

 - just around the corner from Strefa Wilanów there is a dedicated area for dogs, while on the premises of the development special dustbins with dog waste bags have been located.


- a children's playground with a safe surface has been designed on the premises of the complex

 - surfaces for pedestrians and cyclists have been colour-coded in a clear, consistent way.

 - thanks to the commitment of the developer another section of the bike lane will be built together with the new pavement on Klimczaka street.

 - the developer went to great lengths to integrate the complex into the surrounding area, for example by providing tasteful and secure walkways. One of the elements of the compound is a small town square at the junction of Klimczaka and Kieślowskiego Streets, while the ground floor of the buildings offers attractive commercial space.


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